Wesbrook Place Neighbourhood Plan Amendments

    UBC is undertaking a process to amend the neighbourhood plan for Wesbrook Place (the South Campus Neighbourhood Plan), which was adopted in 2005. Amendments will help achieve a more sustainable community and transfer some of the housing density from UBC Farm, which has been retained for sustainability teaching, research and innovation.

    Opportunities for public and stakeholder input include:

    • Three public consultation events will be held during the process of developing the neighbourhood plan amendments.
    • An Advisory Planning Committee made up of community stakeholders will advise on the development of the amendments. This Committee will meet regularly throughout the process.
    • A Technical Advisory Committee of agency stakeholders will provide advice on technical issues, such as infrastructure and transportation. This Committee will meet regularly throughout the process.

    Open houses

    1. June 2011 – Open House Summary Report
    2. September 2011 – open house display board, online feedback form (September 19 – 30), Consultation Summary
    3. November 1, 2011 – public open house and Q&A, online consultation (October 21-November 3)

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    September 22nd, 2011 by Katherine Xu

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