UNA – Established 2002

The University of British Columbia began planning for a complete sustainable community on campus during the 1990s.  The plan was to create a vibrant university community that would promote live-work options for UBC faculty and staff, and that would raise money for the University’s endowment fund.  The University Neighbourhoods Association was established in 2002 to support the growth of this vibrant and sustainable community and to provide municipal-like services for residents.

The UNA is incorporated under British Columbia’s Societies Act and is governed by a eight-member Board.  Jim Taylor, of Hampton Place, served as the Board’s first chair and Brian Collins, also of Hampton Place, was the first elected Board member.  Today, the UNA has 3,000 members and represents approximately 8,000 residents in five neighbourhoods.

Each year, the UNA hosts community events such as the Annual Barn Raising and an annual Lunar New Year celebration.  The UNA also promotes sustainability, manages the Old Barn Community Centre, and liaises with UBC and other organizations on issues that affect residents.


In 2011, the UNA Board of Directors requested former UNA chairs, officers and staff to write down their recollections of important events in the history of the UNA. These are compiled as a history of the UNA in the “UNA History”.  As more recollections of important events are collected, they will be added.

  1. Introduction
  2. Hampton Place
  3. Governance Referenda and Study
  4. Governance Options An Important Reality
  5. Governance Options
  6. Renewal or Buyout of a UNA Resident Lease
  7. Why Do We Pay the Same Mill Rate as City Of Vancouver
  8. Police Tax
  9. Security Services Patrol
  10. UEL Official Community Plan
  11. UEL Property Tax

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