Hawthorn Place

Hawthorn Place, the second UNA neighbourhood to be occupied, began construction in 2001 and was completed in 2007.  Located south of Thunderbird Boulevard between East Mall and West Mall, Hawthorn Place is home to the Old Barn Community Centre, the Bean Around the World, and is blessed with generous green space.  Jim Taylor Park is located next to the Old Barn and pocket parks are scattered throughout the neighbourhood.  The UNA’s Pilot Community Garden is located along Main Mall, at the edge of the Hawthorn Place neighbourhood.

Hawthorn Place is home to faculty and staff co-developments, faculty and staff rental housing, and a range of market housing from condos to single-family homes.  The neighbourhood is home to approximately 1500 people, many of whom have children.

Learn about Hawthorn Place interim parking rules.

Every quarter, the Hawthorn Place strata chairs meet with UNA to discuss any outstanding issues:

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The above map references the approximate location of each UNA neighbourhood, and shall not be used as a proof of exact address to be eligible for community services card or UNA membership.

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