Wesbrook Place


Wesbrook Place, the UNA’s newest neighbourhood, is located south of 16th Avenue, nestled between Pacific Spirit Park and Southwest Marine Drive. Wesbrook Place is a large spacious neighbourhood within easy walking and biking distance of the University Farm and its seasonal Farm market. This neighbourhood is already home to several hundred residents, including those who live in the neighbourhood’s first faculty and staff co-development at Keenleyside.  Wesbrook Place currently has two parks – the Michael Smith Park and the Khorana Park – dedicated to Nobel Prize winning UBC scientists Dr. Michael Smith and Dr. Hal Gobind Khorana.

Learn about Wesbrook Place interim parking rules.

Once completed, Wesbrook Place will have both market and rental housing, a commercial area, including a large grocery store, a community centre, schools, play fields and generous green spaces. View the Wesbrook Village development map. UBC is undertaking a process to amend the neighbourhood plan. Read more about the amendment process.

Every quarter, the Wesbrook Place Strata Chairs meet with UNA to discuss any outstanding issues:

Updates in the Wesbrook Place

New Community Centre at Wesbrook Place

The Official Community Plan (OCP) requires a community centre in South Campus, located adjacent to the village commercial area and the school. The OCP contains a size requirement for the community centre, based on the projected populations of UNA and the future housing areas if and when the future housing reserve areas are occupied.

A new committee, the Wesbrook Place Community Centre User Group, has been formed and is co-chaired by former chair of the UNA, Mike Feeley and UBC Properties Trust (UBCPT) President Al Poettcker. The purpose of this committee is to provide input to the programming and design of the new community centre. The community centre will be built by UBCPT and operated by the UNA. The estimated length of time for this project is approximately 3 years.  Read more about the new community centre.

New UHill Secondary School

The National Research Council (NRC) building will be converted and expanded to create a new secondary school with a capacity of 800 Grade 9 – 12 students. The new school is target to open this fall. Read more about UHill Secondary School.

New Parks

Once completed, Wesbrook Place will have 15.26 hectares of parks and green space. If you took all the green space in Wesbrook Place, it would fit into almost 26 Canadian football fields. With an approximate estimated future population of 12,000 people in Wesbrook Place, this means that there is a park and green space ratio of 1.21 hectares per 1000 people. This exceeds the current City of Vancouver ratio as well as the UBC Land Use Plan target (both 1.10 hectares per 1000 people).

There are also 6 major parks in Wesbrook Place – Khorana Park, Smith Park, Mundell Park, Nobel Park, Brockhouse Park (new park located by the new community centre and elementary school), and an unnamed park located in the new subdivision. Each of these parks has its own children’s playground and some of the parks include other features, such as soccer fields, baseball diamonds, water play areas or tennis courts.

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The above map references the approximate location of each UNA neighbourhood, and shall not be used as a proof of exact address to be eligible for community services card or UNA membership.

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