Explore Your Creative Side with Fine Arts

Whether you are a beginner or self-directed artist, looking for creative self-expression or to just have fun, we have an arts class suited to you.
Choose from our exciting art classes, including Chinese Calligraphy, 3D Model Making, Drawing and Painting, and many more.


Parent and Tot Play and Learn

Join us for a fun filled foray as your child explores a variety of messy media, all while building fine motor skills and learning to navigate the waters of social interaction. The emphasis is on child-led, open ended exploration of materials: play-dough, finger-paint, water, goop, collage and more.
Class Instructors

Winson Chiu

Winson, founder of The 8th Dimension Comic Studio in Vancouver, has been teaching children how to tap into their creative minds through various drawing disciplines for 10+ years.

Arm Knitting An Infinity Scarf

Arm Knitting Workshop

Arm Knitting is a new and trending way of knitting where no needles are needed, creating beautiful and cozy scarves and arm knit blankets.
Learn to make an arm-knitted infinity scarf in one session! Instructions and materials are provided.

Class Instructors

Karen Lam

Girl Holding Paining in Art Class

Young Artists

Explore the world of colours and develop skills using different mediums and techniques
Children will learn about cultural arts, artists and styles; all in a fun and imaginative manner. This children’s art class is specifically designed for children 8-12 years of age.

Class Instructors

Naveena Hayes

BFA-qualified art educator who has experience teaching both elementary and middle school levels. She looks forward to using her passion for teaching to spark an interest in the arts in the community.

Brushes on Blue Painting

Drawing and Painting

Learn the fundamentals of drawing and explore the painting world in this acrylic, and watercolour and oil painting class. Suitable for the beginner and intermediate levels, this class will provide you with the skills you need to begin creating your very own masterpieces!

Class Instructors

Dehai Wang

Dehai is an established art professional whose paintings are in collections around the world. He holds a Bachelors degree in Oil Painting from Tianjin and has been teaching for 18 years.

Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese Calligraphy

These four workshops will help you gain a basic understanding of Chinese Calligraphy, as well as its styles and techniques. The instructor Bella Zhou has over 10 years of experience of practicing and teaching calligraphy. The workshops will be conducted in Mandarin with English translation. A great program for those interested in Chinese culture. The materials list will be provided in the first workshop. Please bring ink and practice paper to the first class.

Class Instructors

Bin Zhou

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