Annual General Meeting

A meeting for members of the UNA and residents of the “Local Areas” as defined in the Neighbours’ Agreement 2008 including Hampton Place, Hawthorn Place, Chancellor Place, East Campus, and Wesbrook Place.

The UNA Board of Directors will be presenting the achievements of the past year and the goals for the next year. Residents are invited to ask questions and express their opinions. The Annual Report and the Audited Financial Statements will be presented at the AGM.

 2014 AGM

  • Date: Wednesday September 24
  • Time: 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm
  • Location: The Old Barn Community Centre (6308 Thunderbird Blvd., UBC)


Richard Alexander, Chair

A.   Introduction of the Annual General Meeting

  1. Motion to accept Agenda
  2. Motion to accept the minutes of September 2013 AGM
  3. Items Arising from the Minutes
  4. Chair’s Annual Report, Richard Alexander
    a. Question & Answer Period
  5. Treasurer’s Report & Presentation of the Audited Financial Statements, March 31, 2014
    a. Financial Question & Answer Period
    b. Motion to Appoint 2014 Auditor
  6. Amendment of By-laws: general housekeeping

BE IT RESOLVED AS A SPECIAL RESOLUTION THAT the current UNA By-laws be deleted and the attached By-laws be adopted.

B.   Presentation: Roles, Responsibilities and Compensation Project,
Tom Fletcher, Fletcher and Co.

C.   Question and Answer Period

D.   Election Results, if available

E.   Motion to Adjourn

AGM Package

The Annual General Meeting Package has been mailed to all UNA members. You should receive it by Wednesday, September 3, 2014. An electronic copy of the package can be downloaded here.


There is an election this year to fill three positions of resident directorsSeven candidates are running for this election. Make sure you vote!


Read the frequently asked questions about the AGM.