Constitution & Regulatory Bylaws

The University Neighbourhoods Association (UNA) approximates a municipal council for the local areas on university town community at the University of British Columbia (UBC). The UNA is incorporated under the BC Society Act.

UNA Constitution and Bylaws under the BC Society Act

The Constitution and Bylaws of the UNA (approved at September 2014 AGM) provides guidelines for the operation of the Association, including such matters as membership requirements, board meetings, annual general meetings, and elections.

Neighbours’ Agreement

The Neighbours’ Agreement 2008 is an agreement that deals with the way in which the UNA manages service, financial, and capital matters. This Agreement clarifies the UNA’s relationship with UBC and provides a framework for the governance of the UNA community.

UNA Responsibilities

The UNA is responsible for local regulation of such things as parking, noise, and animal regulation; for managing community and recreational programs and facilities; and for planning future community amenities. The UNA is also responsible for promoting sustainability, maintaining community green spaces, holding elections, liaising with UBC over access to UBC facilities, and liaising with members of other organizations, such as the Vancouver School Board, and Metro Vancouver on issues that affect UNA residents.

UNA Regulatory Bylaws

UNA Noise Bylaw

A UNA Noise Bylaw was approved in August 2012. Read the Good Neighbour’s Guide to the UNA Noise Bylaw.

UNA Parking Bylaw

A UNA Draft Parking Bylaw has been developed.  UNA neighbourhood parking rules is currently enforced before the Parking Bylaw is enforced.

UNA Enforcement and Dispute Bylaw

A UNA Enforcement and Dispute Bylaw was approved in August 2012.

UNA Animal Control Bylaw

This bylaw is currently under development.

UNA Zero Waste Bylaw

This bylaw is currently under development.