Services Levy & The UNA’s Operating Budget

The Services Levy residents pay to UBC is administered by the UNA to provide municipal-like services and to maintain municipal-like reserves on residents’ behalf. The UNA Board of Directors prepares its annual operating budget before the Services Levy is collected. Approximately 90% of the collected services levy contributes to the UNA Operating Budget.

The remaining will be allocated to Reserves, and to cover the cost of collecting the Services Levy and administering the Neighbour’s Fund. The UNA also generate revenues from its programs and services.

UNA 5 Year Budget Analysis Study 2015 – 2020

As a result of the challenges the UNA faces because of the declining Services Levies since 2012, UBC and the UNA jointly commissioned a 5 Year Budget Analysis Study to inform future financial decisions of the UNA. The study, which was prepared by Vann Struth Consulting Group Inc., is being used by the UNA Board of Directors and staff as a financial planning document.