Preschool at the Old Barn and Wesbrook Community Centres

Our fun and exciting preschool learning programs are designed to build your child’s self confidence, developmental skills
and social interaction in a supportive and nurturing environment.

Toddlers In Music Together Class With Instruments

Parent and Child Music Together (Up to 6 Years)

Come dance and sing to happy village folk songs, Korean lullabies, Cuban rainforest songs, and more. Make music with bells, triangles, shakers and instruments galore!
All this with a developmentally appropriate, research based curriculum taught by a registered Music Together instructor. Fees include 2 CD’s, a songbook, and a Parent Education guide.
Parent/caregiver participation is required.
Register for the 11:30 class and save 10%!

Class Instructors

Westside Music Together

Child's Hand Moulding Coloured Playdough in Preschool Class

Parent and Tot Play and Learn (1 - 4 Years)

Join us for a fun filled foray as your toddler explores a variety of messy media, all while building fine motor skills and learning to navigate the waters of social interaction. The emphasis is on child-led, open ended exploration of materials: play-dough, finger-paint, water, goop, collage and more. Parent Participation Required

Class Instructors

Linda Quamme

Preschool Children Painting in Class

Preschool Paint (3 - 5 Years)

Introduction to basic skills in painting, sculpting and cool collage making by engaging their bodies as well as their minds. Cheerful and fun it fosters creative expression, concentration, hand-eye coordination.

Class Instructors

Linda Quamme

Preschooler Running Through Balls in Gym While Parent Looks On

Parent and Child SportBall (1 - 4 Years)

Early Childhood Coaches introduce a different sport each class using developmentally appropriate games and activities to help refine motor skills, such as balance and coordination. Our SportBall programs also help preschool development and building social skills such as confidence, following instructions, turn-taking and sharing.

Class Instructors

SportBall Vancouver

Preschool Beginner Ballet Class with Girls Dancing in Circle

Beginner Ballet (3 - 6 Years)

Confidence, strength, and artistic expression all arise from the beautiful art of ballet. In addition to basic ballet techniques, preschoolers will learn how to create their own dances through improvisation and movement games.
Ballet attire, including tights and slippers, is recommended.

Class Instructors

Tami Wee

Our Children Today Will Be Our Leaders of Tomorrow

Let our Old Barn and Wesbrook Community Centre toddler and preschool programs give your child a head start.