Take on the World One Language Class at a Time

We offer a variety of language classes, from Beginner to Intermediate English, Beginner Spanish, ESL Classes as well as Beginner Mandarin for Adults.
With programs for kids all the way to seniors, the whole family can experience the delight of developing skills in a new language.

Students In English As A Second Language Class

Adult ESL Classes

Our Beginner and Intermediate English as a Second Language (ESL) Classes are designed for recent newcomers to Canada, and introducing and improving English grammar, reading, writing and listening skills. Our ESL classes focus on gaining English speaking skills through interactive learning, while helping students adapt to life in Vancouver.

Class Instructors

Karen Godwin

Karen Godwin, UBC graduate of Teaching English as a Second Language, was born and raised in Ontario before living 17 years overseas in Europe and Africa with her family.

Brenda Stewart

Brenda is a VCC TESOL graduate who has led conversation clubs and ESL Book Clubs at The Old Barn. She has received 2 awards for her voluntary work in education.

Sandra Price-Hosie

Sandra is an experienced English instructor for all levels who truly enjoys teaching. Her latest book is “All About Your Child Learning English”

Students Speaking English In English Conversation Class

English Conversation Classes

Our Beginner and Intermediate English Conversation lessons are designed for newcomers to Canada, who have an understanding of the English language and can read, write, and communicate in basic English.
This class is ideal for those who wish to improve their existing English conversational skills in a social and welcoming environment.

Class Instructors

Mark Bell

Yao Zhang

Students In Beginners Spanish Class

Spanish for Beginners

Our Spanish classes will cover the basic grammar, vocabulary and expressions to use in real life situations, and you will learn to speak Spanish with a native and qualified teacher.
Beginner Spanish for kids and Beginner Spanish for adult classes are open to everyone, and no previous knowledge of the Spanish language is needed.

Class Instructors

MadVan Spanish


Beginner Mandarin for Adults

Are you ready to learn Mandarin? In this beginner Mandarin language class, you will learn the fundamentals required to greet your neighbours, ask for directions, order food, and more. You will learn the Chinese Pinyin (phonetics) system which will help you understand basic Chinese language reading and speaking. This class is led by a fun instructor with a playful teaching style!

Class Instructors

Victoria Gong

Fluent in both English and Mandarin, Victoria brings a joy to teaching to students of all ages. She applies her lessons to real life settings to ensure her students can use their newly acquired language skills.

Did You Know?

Nearly 18% of Vancouver’s population speak Mandarin or Cantonese, and 65% speak English. Expand your linguistic horizons in one of our language courses!