UBC Alerts – Emergency Notifications

Emergency notifications from UBC Alert, an emergency notification system, will be sent to UNA residents who are UNA Members, or who have a UNA Access Card.  The text message will provide immediate information on how to respond and/or where to obtain additional information.

What is UBC Alert?

UBC Alert is emergency mass notification system that has the capability to disseminate information out to residents, faculty, staff and students during an emergency or disaster through various communication methods (e.g. text message to cell, text-to-voice, email).

UBC Alert will send UNA residents emergency notifications via text message on cell phones.  The UNA encourages residents to notify the UNA office of any updates or changes to their emergency contact information.


By signing up for the UNA Access Card and/or UNA Membership, you will be automatically enrolled to receive emergency notification messages via the UBC Alert system during emergencies that affect or may affect the UBC Vancouver Campus.  Primary notification will be through text messages on cellular phones.  Depending on the contact information provided to the UNA, a text-to-voice message or an email notification may also be utilized if future system functionality expands.   

Please note that enrollment in the system does not guarantee that notifications will be received during an emergency.  Depending on the scale and impact of the emergency, residents should expect that notifications can be delayed or may not arrive.  If available, the UNA and UBC will post emergency notifications on their main websites and other social media. 

Personal contact information collected is used solely for UNA business purposes, including emergency notification.  The UNA does not distribute resident contact information for any commercial purposes.  The collected information is stored and protected in accordance with UNA and UBC legal requirements and privacy standards.