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Neighbourhood Parking Management Strategy

The principle behind on-street parking is to provide neighbourhood residents and visitors, who can be defined as residents’ friends/family, neighbourhood service vehicles and shoppers in neighbourhood commercial cores, an opportunity to park their vehicles in UNA neighbourhoods.  The UNA recognizes that many types of visitors will visit UNA neighbourhoods. The neighbourhood parking management strategy is meant to accommodate these visitors.  It is meant to discourage UBC visitors who are avoiding paying for parking in the academic core.

Different rules apply to different neighbourhoods:


2015 Changes to the Parking Regulations

2014 Changes to the Parking Regulations


2013 Changes to the Parking Regulations

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这是有关在UNA社区停车的重要信息, 请将此信息翻译。

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WHO requires a decal or permit:

ONLY residents from Hawthorn Place and Wesbrook Place (please check your building BEFORE applying)

WHERE and WHEN to get it:

  • UNA office (202-5923 Berton Ave.):
    Monday to Friday: 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

WHAT to bring:

Useful Links: