Resident Parking Decal and Visitor Parking Permit Application

The resident parking decal and visitor parking permit are only for residents in Hawthorn Place and Wesbrook Place. Check the addresses BEFORE filling in the form.

Terms & Conditions

  •  All UNA Parking Permits (Resident Parking Decals, Visitor Parking Permits, Parking Day Passes) are non-transferable.
  •  Only valid for on-street Authorized Vehicle Parking Zones  (in accordance with the posted signage) in the neighbourhood indicated on the permit/decal.
  •  Not valid for metered parking, 1 hour, 2 hour, Modo, accessible parking or loading zones.
  •  Not valid in commercial zones.
  •  Visitor Parking Permit or Parking Day Pass is not valid for on-street parking of permanent residents’ vehicles.
  •  Decal, permit or pass remains property of the UNA.  Lost or damaged decals, permits or passes may be replaced subject to payment of the posted replacement fee.
  •  Improper use of any UNA parking permits, or violation of the UNA Parking Policy may result in your vehicle being towed and/or parking privileges being revoked.
  • All parking decals, permits or passes reported as lost or damaged will be inactivated immediately.  Vehicles displaying inactive decals, permits, or passes will be towed at owner’s cost.
  • The UNA is not responsible for damage to vehicle or contents.
  • It is your responsibility to notify the UNA of any contact, vehicle or license information changes. Inaccurate information provided is in violation of the UNA Parking Policy.

Online Application for Resident Parking Decal and Visitor Parking Permit

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Vehicle Information
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Terms and Conditions

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Next Step

After submitting the form, please bring the following original documents to the UNA office (#202 – 5923 Berton Ave.):

For Resident Parking Decals

  • driver’s license
  • vehicle registration (see example)

For Visitor Parking Permits