Emergency Preparedness

What is an emergency? What is a disaster?


An emergency is a present or imminent event that:

  • Is caused by an accident, fire, explosion, or technical failure, or by the forces of nature and;
  • Requires prompt coordination of action or special regulation of persons or property to protect the health, safety, or welfare of people or to limit damage to property.

A disaster is a calamity that:

  • Is caused by accident, fire, explosion or technical failure, or by the forces of nature, and has resulted in serious harm to the health, safety, or welfare of people, or in widespread damage to property.

What is the UNA doing to help residents prepare?

The UNA is committed to keeping its residents safe. An important part of doing so is ensuring that residents are prepared for an emergency or disaster: the best protection is knowing what to do.

The UBC Vancouver campus is situated on the edge of the Point Grey peninsula.  As a result, UBC is geographically isolated and inherently poses a unique challenge in terms of executing emergency response following a large-scale emergency or disaster.  UBC recognizes the possibility where the University may be temporarily disconnected from external response agencies and humanitarian assistance.

Metro Vancouver has delegated the responsibility to UBC in leading the development of an over-arching Emergency Management Plan for the campus, that is integrated into Metro Vancouver’s Emergency Management Plan.  UBC has identified the UNA neighbourhoods as part of the University’s area of responsibility during any event where an emergency response is required.  To that end, UBC has incorporated the UNA neighbourhoods as part of UBC’s Emergency Management Plan (UBC EMP), and is working closely with the UNA on emergency planning.

As part of UBC’s commitment to integrate the UNA within their Emergency Management Plan, emergency notifications for UNA residents have been incorporated into UBC Alert.

The UNA Emergency Preparedness Framework

Emergency Procedures


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