Parks & Recreation

UNA Access to UBC Parks and Cultural and Recreational Facilities

UNA residents have access to many parks and cultural and recreational facilities on UBC Vancouver Campus.

Parks and Community Gardens

The UNA community is blessed with generous green spaces.  Besides the Pacific Spirit Regional Park that comprises 763 hectares of forest and foreshore, there are 7 neighbourhood parks in the five neighbourhoods. Another 5 neighbourhood parks are under design and will be built in the near future. Read more about the neighbourhood parks.

The UNA currently has one Community Garden located in Hawthorn Place and another garden opening in 2012 in Wesbrook Place. Read more about the community gardens.

Community Centres

The Old Barn Community Centre is at the heart of our growing community.  The community centre, located in Hawthorn Place at 6308 Thunderbird Blvd, serves as a gathering place for the community and includes the following facilities and programs:

  • Exercise room
  • Meeting rooms
  • Coffee shop
  • Public gathering place
  • Indoor children’s play area and library
  • Outdoor playground and green space

A second community centre will be built in Wesbrook Place.  The program and design of the new community centre are in the early stages of development and future public consultation on this project will take place.  Read more about the new Wesbrook Community Centre.

Other Cultural and Recreational Facilities

The UNA residents can access other recreational services provided by UBC or the City of Vancouver. Read more about the facilities access.

Events in the Park

Every year, the UNA holds various events in different parks. To keep up to date on the upcoming park events, visit the events calendar or subscribe to the myuna announcements.

  • Canada Day (July) in Jim Taylor Park
  • Evening in the Park (July and August) in Jim Taylor Park, Michael Smith Park and Iona Green
  • Drop-in Activities in the Park (July and August) for children
  • Annual Barn Raising (September) in Jim Taylor Park