Community Gardens

Community Gardens

In 2008 the UNA opened its first Community Garden located at Hawthorn Place. With great success, and a waiting list, a second garden was soon opened near Rhododendron Woods. The community gardens program is led by an enthusiastic group of volunteer gardeners who encourage all levels of gardening expertise, share knowledge and foster social relationships.

The Hawthorn Community Garden is located adjacent to Hawthorn Place along Main Mall and it enjoyed its first season in 2008. This garden has 40 plots and is located on land leased from FP Innovations-Forintek.

The UNA is very pleased to open the 3rd community garden in May 2012 at Nobel Park in Wesbrook Place. Nobel Garden offers full size plot (5’X10’) and a half size plots (5’x5’) which is ideal for children and first time gardeners.  Find out how to apply for a garden plot.

Plant Stewardship Program

The UNA has another opportunity for residents to get their hands dirty and learn more about gardening.

The UNA Plant Stewardship Program began in the spring of 2009. This program provides interested residents with an opportunity to oversee—or steward—the plants growing in public spaces. In 2009, the Plant Stewards put in plantings around The Old Barn Community Centre including a children’s vegetable garden, blueberry and strawberry plants, and an herb garden.

To find out more about either the UNA Community Gardens or the Plant Stewards Program contact the UNA Office at or phone 604-827-5158.

Events in the Park

Every year, the UNA holds various events in different parks. To keep up to date on the upcoming park events, visit the events calendar or subscribe to the myuna announcements.

  • Canada Day (July) in Jim Taylor Park
  • Evening in the Park (July and August) in Jim Taylor Park, Michael Smith Park and Iona Green
  • Drop-in Activities in the Park (July and August) for children
  • Annual Barn Raising (September) in Jim Taylor Park