Composting Service

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Compost It!  Composting service now available to all residents.

What is Composting?

Composting turns organic waste into humus which is  dark, organic material that forms in soil when plant and animal matter decay. It also significantly reduces space required for landfills. The UBC’s “in-vessel composting facility” takes organic material and turns it into nutrient rich soil for our local community gardens.


The UBC Organic Waste Collection Program

UBC Waste Management will place a green container (about half the size of a recycle container) in your Garbage/Recycle room. UNA buildings participating in the composting project will receive composting guidelines and you can also purchase a kitchen container ($15 plus applicable taxes) to collect food scraps. Kitchen containers are to be emptied into the larger green container in your garbage/recycling room and will be picked up weekly by UBC Waste Management.

Twenty three residential buildings in the UNA are currently part of the UNA / UBC Composting Project.

Collected on campus and used locally, this closed-loop composting program will turn food scraps into nutrient-rich soil. One of the major advantages that differentiates the UBC Waste Management service, is their bin washing service. This free bin washing service will help address and minimize odour and insect issues that are often associate with organic waste bins.

If you have any questions contact the UNA office at 604-827-5158.  If your strata is not part of the composting project, contact your strata council and encourage them to participate. Download the composting brochure and learn more.

A strata manager that manages 9 buildings in the UNA prefers the UBC Organic Waste Collection Program, simply because of the benefits from the UBC free bin washing service.

Replacement charcoal filters for compost bins now available!

We’re pleased to announce that replacement charcoal filters are now available at The Old Barn Community Centre. The cost is $7 for a pack of three filters and can be purchased at the front desk.

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