November 8, 2019 Governance, News

On November 6, the UNA held its Annual General Meeting at 7:00 p.m. at the Wesbrook Community Centre. Results of the 2019 UNA Elections were announced at the event. The full results with the breakdown of votes can be found on the 2019 UNA Elections page.

The UNA would like to thank all the candidates who put their name forward.

Matthew Delumpa and Terry Mullen will continue on as directors for the second year of their two-year term.

The UNA would like to also thank outgoing directors Ying Zhou, Laura Cottle and Richard Alexander.

The UNA has received an apology from our auditors, Johnsen Archer LLP, for missing our meeting last night. We will be circulating the auditor’s report in written form soon. More updates will follow.

The 2018/19 UNA Annual Report and the UNA’s Audited Financial Statements are available online.

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