The University Neighbourhoods Association is the acting governing body for the five UBC residential areas: Wesbrook Place, Hampton Place, Hawthorn Place, Chancellor Place, and East Campus. The UNA focuses on providing services that promote the creation of a vibrant, sociable, safe and diverse community at the University of British Columbia (UBC).

The UNA is responsible for municipal services, elections, policies and by-laws, community events, and recreational programs. Additionally, the UNA maintains local regulation regarding noise and parking, and acts as a liaison for the resident’s use of UBC facilities. Residents’ concerns, opinions and views are heard through the UNA and these help shape future development and the allocation of community facilities in UBC.

The structure off the UNA is similar to a municipal government; however, due to the UNA being established by UBC through the British Columbia Societies Act, it has an elected Board of Directors. The Board of Directors is comprised of five directors elected by residents, two directors appointed by UBC and one appointed by the Alma Mater Society (AMS). The number of elected directors is determined by neighbourhood population and will increase over time.

We Are Community was created by the UNA with the primary goal of serving the community. This goal is accomplished by inspiring UBC residents to live a welcoming, ambitious, and connected lifestyle. The We Are Communnity brand was initially developed to unify and connect the two community centres, Wesbrook Community Centre and Old Barn Community Centre. All of the UNA’s community oriented services, events, and programs fall under the We Are Community name.