June 8, 2017 News, Public Service

The following is a notice from the Musqueam Capital Corporation.

ROAD SERVICING UPDATE – Expect Disruptions this Summer

Issue Date: June 5, 2017

Acadia Road Civil Works

Starting next week (week of June 11), construction crews will begin preparing the west side of Acadia for underground servicing and the reconstruction of the road, which will include a new sidewalk on the UBC side where one currently doesn’t exist.

Major road work will take place in July and August. Safety and the flow of vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians is a top priority for Musqueam Capital Corporation, and as such, a comprehensive traffic management plan will be in place. Allow extra time for certain delays and detours.

What you can expect in the coming months

  • Removal of the west side curb, plantings and the “islands” with the tree stumps in them.
  • Portions of Toronto Road and University Boulevard will be impacted by road works.
  • There will be a deep trench along Acadia with shallow work to follow.
  •     To complete the reconstruction of Acadia between Toronto and Ortona during the school holidays, crews will also work on Saturdays from 9:00am to 4:00pm, except for the long weekend.

What is underground servicing

Underground servicing is the installation of the sanitary sewer system, storm water system, and water lines. This work requires deep trenches. Shallow work will follow to install power and communications lines.

Regular Communication

MCC will continue to regularly communicate with neighbours about activity on Block F, with an aim to answering anticipated questions and helping people plan for traffic disruptions.

You can register to receive periodic email updates at www.musqueamcapital.ca and provide an email address.

Doug Avis, MBA, Vice President, Real Estate
Musqueam Capital Corporation

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