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Have you ever stopped to look up at a big fir tree, and wondered how its beauty took your breath away?

Have you ever looked out at the sky or the ocean, and counted how many different shades of blue there are? These are some of the questions that occupy the mind and soul of Barbara San Severino, local Vancouver artist and lover of nature.

Having lived most of her life in Vancouver, Barb tells me that she has always been drawn to nature. Whether it’s hiking, biking, boating, or skiing, being outside on the West Coast is where she feels most at home. Her passion for nature began specifically with trees, and she couldn’t bring herself to pass one by without stopping to admire it. These gentle giants offer vast amounts of colours and textures, radiating an energy that she finds simply incredible.

Naturally, Barb was drawn to representing the trees that she so admires.

She began painting over 12 years ago. She completed several works showing trees as if you are looking up at them. In 2015, Barb displayed them in her first art show entitled Look Up. The exhibit sent a message to viewers that we should look up from our electronic devices once in a while and appreciate the natural beauty that is all around us.

No longer just looking up at trees, Barb is now also looking out at water and the ocean. Her passion has been taking her to the serene West Coast shorelines of southern British Columbia, where she finds beauty in waves meeting land to create a shoreline, or the ways in which the sky meets the ocean to create an endless horizon. The artist is currently working on an exciting new piece that includes Vancouver’s beloved Stanley Park and its surrounding waters.

Barb considers her artistic ability as a gift, and she is always trying to learn and improve. She strives to portray on a canvas the natural world that she sees. Her artistic inspiration is “raw, West Coast nature”, and this is exactly what you will see in Barb’s paintings. When I look at her work, I can feel the joy and wonder that this artist must feel when she is looking at our West Coast beauty. It makes me feel like she is bringing these places inside to share with me, like I am already there.

If you’d like to see Barb’s artwork, many of her pieces are now on display at Wesbrook Community Centre.

I highly recommend checking them out! And on Saturday, March 25th from 2-4pm, Barb will be at the centre to showcase and discuss her work with the public. Coffee, tea, and snacks will be provided. Everyone is welcome! If you’d like to know more about Barb and see samples of her paintings, visit For purchasing inquiries, you can contact Barb at or call 604-779-2953. You can also follow Barb on instagram @barbarasanseverino!

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