April 6, 2018 Community, News, Public Service

Campus Security Now Patrolling Around the Outside of Fraternity Village

In March 2018, UBC Campus Security began conducting random patrols around the outside of the Fraternity Village. If you are a nearby resident and see or hear an unreasonable disturbance in this area, please call Campus Security at (604) 822-2222.

A patrol member will then be dispatched to monitor the situation, and will remain in the area to gather information on the incident. Patrol members will not go into the Fraternity Village. Incident reports are written at the end of Campus Security shifts, or following a complaint investigation. Follow-up actions may include misconduct notices being issued as well as fines.

If you believe unlawful activity is taking place at any time, please call 9-1-1 immediately.

For details, please visit: https://security.ubc.ca/2018/04/05/campus-security-to-patrol-outside-the-fraternity-village/.

Janet Teasdale, Managing Director, Student Development & Services
Rob McCloy, Executive Director, Campus Security

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