May 16, 2017 News, Public Service

The UNA has been working with Modo, Zipcar, Evo, and Car2go to improve car share parking in the UBC community. The UNA has been hearing from residents that car share is an important part of our community development in Hampton Place and Wesbrook. We believe that increasing available car share parking in the entire UNA neighbourhood will not only help to increase green transportation options, but also make our community more sustainable. In light of this, we are excited to introduce four new car share parking locations:

  • Binning Road North
  • Binning Road
  • Gray Ave West
  • Hampton Place East


The “Eagle Drive Car Share Only Parking” location has been relocated to Eagle Drive East. Additionally, the existing “Birney Car Share Parking” location has been expanded to better accommodate an increase in demand.

UNA Car Share Parking Locations

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