January 10, 2018 Governance, News

January 10th, 3:00pm: We have now completed a second count of all ballots for the election and the special resolution on the bylaws. The results have been updated in this post.

January 10th, 11:30am:
The final numbers of both the director election and the special resolution will be provided when available. In the interim, the majority was sufficiently clear in both cases to announce as follows:


The incumbent directors Laura Cottle and Ying Zhou have been re-elected.
We would like to thank all the candidates for their engagement and commitment to the community and look forward to working with them in the future.

Laura Cottle – 303

James Ellis – 87

Natalie Jatskevich – 159

Terry Mullen – 144

Laila Said – 54

Ying Zhou – 368



The special resolution on the bylaws was defeated at the AGM.

In Favour: 23 
Against: 176

As a result, the existing bylaws remain in force. The next meeting of the UNA board is on January 16th starting at 6 pm. There will be more information once the Board has had an opportunity to discuss this issue.

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