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The University Neighbourhoods Association, UBC, and UBC Properties Trust are helping to make it easy to charge Electric Vehicles through their partnership with BC Hydro and the Electric Vehicle Charging Initiative.

This collaboration brings the first Level 3 Electric Vehicle (EV) Charging Station to UBC campus.

The funds for this project were allocated from the Car Share Fund, which consists of contributions made by each residential development in Wesbrook, as a part of UBC’s REAP green building program.

The ongoing service of this charging station is funded by BC Hydro and is currently free-of-charge with the ability to become a fee-based service in the future.

The charger has been active since April 2018.

The Charging Station is FREE to all EV users.

Charging Station Details

  • Charge Station Type: Level 3, Direct Current Fast Charger (DCFC)
  • Speed: 10x more powerful than standard Level 2 Charging Stations
  • Range: Can deliver 100km of charge in 30 minutes

How Do I Charge My Vehicle?

  • Pull up and plug in to the Charging Station (located on Webber Lane in Wesbrook Village)
  • Use the Charging Station for up to 1 hour (please observe parking signage)

Vehicle Types

  • All EVs compatible with the CHAdeMO (Japanese & Korean automakers) or CCS (American & European automakers) fast charging standards
  • Hybrid vehicles
  • Tesla vehicles (with the use of an adapter)

Charging Station Problems?

Pending for BC Hydro’s to provide contact information.

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