Who Can Become a Member of the UNA?

Anyone 18 years of age or older who lives in a UNA neighbourhood is eligible to become a UNA member. Membership is free.  Please apply for membership in person at the UNA Office.

Becoming a UNA member is the best way to become involved in the UNA community. UNA members are eligible to vote in UNA elections and to run for the UNA Board of Directors. The Board decides how the UNA budget will be spent and also makes decisions that affect the day-to-day lives of all residents. (UNA membership is not the same thing as an Access Card).

If you have any questions about becoming a UNA member, please contact the UNA Office at reception@myuna.ca or phone 604-827-5158.

You can apply for a UNA membership at the same time you apply for an Access Card. Otherwise, please print the membership application form and return it to the UNA office.