We would like to thank all the residents who attended, and recognize the work of those who helped facilitate the event. Below are the final results:

  • 181 – Victoria Bell
  • 457 – Matthew Delumpa
  • 280 – James O Ellis III
  • 555 – Nataliya Jatskevich
  • 598 – Terry Mullen
  • Terry Mullen
  • Nataliya Jatskevich
  • Matthew Delumpa
  • James O Ellis III
  • Victoria Bell


The UNA holds elections to choose UNA Board Members for any seats that are up for re-election in the given year.

This year there were five candidates running for three Director positions. The elections were held on the same day and time as the AGM, which occurred on November 1, 2018.


September 5, 2018 Call for Nominations  Request for nominations posted on the website and through email.
September 17, 2018 Nominations Deadline  All candidate applications were received.
September 21, 2018 Candidates Announced  Candidates announced on the website and through email.
September 29, 2018 All-Candidates Forum Old Barn Community Centre, Meeting Room 2, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m.
October 11, 2018 All-Candidates Forum Wesbrook Community Centre, Multipurpose Room, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m.
October 25, 2018 Voter Registration Deadline – Last day to register as a UNA member to be eligible to vote in the 2018 Election/AGM.
November 1, 2018 AGM & Election Day Wesbrook Community Centre, 6:30 p.m. – Refreshments / 7:00 p.m. – AGM


Election packages, including ballots, were mailed to UNA Members by September 28, 2018. If you are a UNA resident, and want to vote in upcoming elections, you must become a member of the UNA five (5) business days prior to the AGM of that year. If you are a member but don’t receive an election package in the mail, you can pick one up at the UNA Office.

Election ballots may be mailed in advance or submitted at the AGM.

The following are the required dates for the 2018 AGM, specifics for the 2019 AGM will be determined in 2019.

  • Ballots must have been received by mail or dropped off at the UNA main office by 4:30 p.m. on November 1, 2018, or
  • Ballots must have been placed in the ballot box at the AGM by 7 p.m. on November 1, 2018.

UNA Office Address:
202-5923 Berton Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V6S 0B3

Please note, ballots received via mail after the November 1 date are not be included in the count.


This document outlines the full election process for UNA Board of Directors positions.


We thank the following candidates for participating in this years election:

  • Victoria Bell – Hampton Place
  • Matthew Delumpa – Wesbrook Place
  • James O Ellis III – Wesbrook Place
  • Nataliya Jatskevich – Wesbrook Place
  • Terry Mullen – Hawthorn Place

Residents had an opportunity to hear the director candidates’ views on a number of issues and ask questions at one of two UNA Board of Directors All-Candidates Forums.

  • Saturday, September 29, 2:00 – 3:30 p.m. at the Old Barn Community Centre, Meeting Room 2
  • Thursday, October 11, 7:00 – 8:30 p.m. at the Wesbrook Community Centre, Multipurpose Room

Victoria Bell

Hampton Place

My name is Victoria Bell and I have lived at Hampton Place since 1994. I’m a mother of three and ‘nana’ to six grandchildren. I grew up in Vancouver, attending Magee, Crofton House and then graduated from UBC. Most of my crowd attended UBC as well.

  • I’ve been in the residential real estate eld for 37 years with focus at UBC. I’ve sold upwards of over 600 properties, and have promoted and educated the public, including UBC Properties Trust, on residential homes needed that the university was not o ering, especially to incoming Asian families.
  • I’ve been involved with Vancouver and UBC’s demographic changes and welcomed it.
  • I have a wide sphere of knowledge of people and cultures, having travelled to 27 countries.
  • For my many diverse groups of clients, I’m comfortable with the school systems, daycares at the university and the community centres, of which I partake.
  • Through my real estate background, I’ve gotten to learn from and work with many UBC professors, including:
    • Dr. Timothy Cheek
    • Dr. Simon Peacock
    • Dr. Daniel Pauly (he’s given advice to young people like my son, Ned Bell, who formed “Chefs for Oceans” and biked across Canada for Ocean Wise)
    • Dr. Santa Ono
    • Dr. Sheryl Lightfoot
  • I acknowledge that UBC is located on the traditional, ancestral and unceded territory of the Musqueam.
  • I meet these people and can better understand the University Neighbourhoods Association.
  • I love UBC, I was schooled here, I live here, and the forest is but feet from my window.

Matthew Delumpa

Wesbrook Place

Matthew Delumpa is an active and engaged campus resident in the Wesbrook Place and participant in the UBC community. He is deeply embedded in community development across the UNA neighbourhoods. You have likely seen and talked to him at the local coffee shops, in the forest or beach, around the community centres, or at the UBC farm.

• As a former UNA employee, he has intimate knowledge with the internal operations of the organization and holds a unique understanding of the needs of both his neighbours as well as the governing organization. It is with this foundation in community that he has entered into this election for the Board of Directors.

• A former classroom teacher, community centre programmer, and now an active employee for the UBC Farm; Matthew participates in strategic community engagement across multiple venues. His work focuses on equitable access for diverse populations, and relationship building among coexisting communities. At this time, he sees the UNA managing immense circumstantial growing pains due to population growth, new administrative leadership, and ongoing financial challenges with the provincial taxation laws unique to the UNA neighbourhoods. He plans to engage his neighbours in conversations to inform the long-term strategic goals of the UNA.

• As a candidate for the UNA Board of Directors, Matthew brings his strong community connections, knowledge of internal operations, and an emphasis on diversity and inclusion into the dialogue on local governance. His experience and community connections make him uniquely qualified to serve on the board.

James O Ellis III

Wesbrook Place

A seven-year Wesbrook resident, James has worked in national security for 20 years. As Research Director for a US non-profit institute, he managed a national $85 million research program with over 40 projects. He has advised multiple boards, including the UNA Bylaw Review Committee. James holds a staff position at UBC, and he believes his background in campus policing, security, parking, and emergency management will help improve the UNA’s emergency planning and response. He also focuses on mental health and Indigenous issues.

James believes the UNA can:

• Improve safety and the quality of life for residents – The UNA can make neighbourhoods cleaner, quieter, safer, and more accessible for our diverse populations through better coordination with area businesses and schools. Better communication around local events and a review of tra c and parking practices will increase safety and reduce headaches.

• Develop a greater sense of community – More can be done to deepen ties to our neighbours. As we build more residences, we should create more meaningful public spaces that bring people together, such a dog park or a community built playground. We can incorporate Musqueam place names to pay homage to our unique home, and we can revitalize jewels like the Old Barn to ensure they are well-used.

• Expand UBC engagement for sustainable growth – The UNA has an excellent opportunity to recast its relationship with UBC and foster greater collaboration. Shifting away from adversarial stances and emphasizing practical problem-solving will help address resident priorities, including the Stadium Neighbourhood and improved transit.

Nataliya Jatskevich

Wesbrook Place

I am a proactive UNA community member of 16 years and have been a volunteer for UBC Child Care Services, UBC Hospital, Norma Rose Point School PAC, UBC Campus and Community Planning and the UNA. As an NRP Parent Advisory Committee member, I organized a petition of the Ministry of Transportation concerning the lack of safe street crossing options for residents. It resulted in the installation of an additional crosswalk with pedestrian- controlled traffic lights and reduction of speed limits. In 2014, as NRP PAC Safety Committee Chair, in cooperation with UBC and the UNA, we implemented a popular Walking School Bus program that received a UNA Volunteer Award in 2016.

• As a President of the Ukrainian Canadian Congress BC, I’ve been involved in advocating for ethnic communities since 2016. My background in pedagogy and social/ political psychology, has taught me to be culturally- sensitive and enabled me with community planning/ management skills, ability to foster relationships with provincial/municipal governments, community stakeholders, media and online audiences.

• I support many positive changes implemented by the UNA. I am planning to focus my involvement on continuing to resolve challenges of our fast-growing community: budget-balancing and exploring revenue opportunities; parking management; traffic safety; on-campus child care and after-school care facilities.

• I’m very passionate about working with the UNA, UBC and UBC Properties Trust on development plans to provide housing options for faculty, staff and the public. I believe that ongoing community consultations on improving services for UNA residents will cultivate a strong, supportive and responsible community.

Terry Mullen

Hawthorn Place

I reside in Hawthorn Place after having lived for more than 30 years in Vancouver. My professional life began as a teacher and administrator in the B.C. school system. I also engaged in committee and governance roles at the local Association and Provincial levels. I acquired a law degree in 1980 and thereafter was in private practise in Burnaby and Vancouver. I have extensive experience in adjudication and arbitration. Between these professions I was the executive director of a provincial, teacher education policy-making body.

  • My community activities include local and provincial involvement in minor hockey, authoring a report on the education program of Vancouver College, consulting with the Ministry of Education on the public school law curriculum, providing in-service education to teachers in Fiji, and serving on an assisted living advisory committee in Vancouver.
  • I would bring to the UNA Board an analytical approach to problem solving leavened with an appreciation of the art of persuasion.
  • I’m reluctant to suggest that I have a platform. Delivering on one is largely beyond the power of any individual. That said, three immediate concerns for the UNA include:
    1. Pressuring UBC to include “amenities” in the Stadium Road Neighbourhood on a scale and of a quality that the notion of neighbourhood is a reality, not a feel- good slogan;
    2. Strenuously tackling the threat to UNA’s financial survival; and
    3. Democratizing the UNA governance model to permit only UNA residents elected by UNA members to be directors (subject to the possibility of a UBC-appointed ex officio member).