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Welcome to 2017 and Happy New Year!

I hope you had a lovely holiday season, bringing you happily and peacefully into the New Year.

Now that it’s January, you should be all settled in to your routine. Hopefully, this routine includes your pants still fitting.

We all know that a new year means new goals and resolutions. The most common one being, of course, health-related. You want to lose weight, or workout more often, or you just want to feel better.

Most of us will make an ambitious resolution on January 1st. We start off strong and feel great for two days. And then the cravings, the fatigue, or the irritation at a lack of results set in. Most of us will give up by February because our goals are just impossibly unattainable. Well of course they’re impossible! We can’t simply make a drastic change in January and then expect to maintain it all year-long. Because real, powerful, and transformative change takes time and a little bit of effort.[dt_gap height=”20″ /]

With that in mind, the most important thing I can tell you right now, while the new year is fresh in your mind, is this: do not make a New Year’s Resolution. That’s right.

Do NOT Make a New Year’s Resolution!

Here’s what you need to do instead: make a weekly resolution. Mark it in your calendar, set an alarm on your phone every day, or write it on your face. Small resolutions are much easier to accomplish and you will feel like you are making real changes (because you are!)

So, how do you do put this plan into action? It’s easy. Allow me to use my health-related example: you want to lose weight, or workout more often, or you just want to feel better. I’ll tell you right now that you can do all three of those things easily at our community centres through one of our many Yoga classes. All it takes is making a goal to attend 1 or 2 Yoga classes per week. All you have to do is make it your weekly resolution.

I can tell you from my own personal experience that Yoga is changing and improving my life. I have a very busy schedule, but I committed to 2 Power Yoga classes per week at our Yoga Studio last Summer, and today I can proudly say I am still accomplishing that goal every week. I’m getting my workouts, getting stronger and fitter, and I absolutely feel better.[dt_gap height=”20″ /]

Just Try It Out!

I know that Yoga isn’t for everyone, but our classes are not like those you’ll find at any other Vancouver Yoga studio. Our classes are small, allowing for one-on-one instructor attention and relationship building. We have students of all levels, not just hardcore yogis who tend to intimidate beginners like myself. Best of all, we have a beautiful and serene studio overlooking Wesbrook Village.

If you have been thinking of trying yoga for the first time or getting back into your practice, I invite you to make it your weekly resolution to join us for a class. We have a yoga membership for every type of weekly resolution-setter. Unlimited monthly, 10-class pass, 20-class pass, yearly, and drop-in options are available to you. We’ll even give you a one month unlimited yoga membership for $49 if it’s your first time.

You can find information on instructors and scheduling here: http://wearecommunityvan.ca/yoga-at-the-studio/ , and here’s a handy little schedule for your weekly resolution.

Once again, Happy New Year and I’ll see you all around the Community!

-Krysta 🙂

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