September 22, 2016 Blog

September 22, 2016

By Krysta Wallbank

Well, folks, it’s that time of year again. The air outside is getting colder, the sunny days are slowly being taken over by rain, and the days themselves are becoming shorter. Autumn has officially begun and so have the end of summer blues.

If you are a student, you know that this means school has started and is now in full swing. Gone are the days of staying up late to watch 4 seasons of Friends back-to-back. Sure, you may have worked all summer to save up for your outrageously high tuition fees, but at least your job doesn’t give you assigned readings and essays to write. Sadly, going out to party has been replaced with going out to study with your study group, because midterms are already just around the corner. Sleep deprived nights and caffeinated, wild looking eyes will soon be your reality. It is a somber time for all students.

And if you’re not a student…. yikes, I’m sorry. Your summer is exactly the same as your autumn, and your winter, and your spring. You don’t get 4 months off, unless you’re a school teacher (and in that case I’m sorry for various other reasons). But you probably had some fun this summer, right?



Pictured: people having fun.


Right. Well luckily I am here to tell you how you canturn that frown upside down, and overcome this case of the end of summer blues.



Buy a box of tissues. Or several.



Summer is over, and that makes you sad. Cry it out. Just get it all out of your system now. Trust me, you will feel better after.



Dig out your umbrella from the closet. You’re going to need it. But really, you’re accustomed to the rain by now! It’s just a lot of little water… You can save time in the mornings by skipping out on styling your hair, because you know that it will just be ruined by the rain and wind anyway!


flippedumbrellaConsider buying a second umbrella as a back-up.

Okay, it’s not all bad. Once you’ve cried it out and prepared for the rain, you can get to the good stuff.


Start wearing your warm and cozy sweaters! One of the best parts of autumn is the layering up of sweaters and socks and scarves. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather be cold and able to put on another layer than be melting in the heat without being able to take off any more clothing. Autumn – 1, Summer – 0.

Girl (8-10) on couch covering face with purple sweater, portrait

Get lost in the warmth and coziness of your sweaters. Wrap  yourself forever in blankets. Become one with the couch.


Think about Thanksgiving. Get yourself mentally prepared. Make sure your stretchy pants are ready, because you know you’re going to go back for seconds. Maybe thirds. Plus dessert.


And if you do not participate in Thanksgiving celebrations, rejoice in knowing that winter food and drinks are ready for you. The pumpkin-flavoured everything, the hot chocolate, the soups, the stews, the oven-baked goods… Sorry, I’m drooling.


Step on some crunchy leaves.


Oh yeah, baby.

You read that right. The leaves are changing colour and that means they are starting to fall to the ground. Is there any sound more satisfying than stepping on a dead, crunchy leaf? I’ll give you a thousand dollars if you can find a better sound. And here’s a proven fact: if you are stressed out, the best therapy is to run around and crunch on some massive piles of leaves.


Keep doing some of the things you started to do this summer! Did you start working out more to get a chiseled beach body? Did you start painting? Or going out for weekly underwater-basket-weaving-wine-pairing nights? Then keep it up! Not only will it make you feel like your summer is still going, you will keep having fun, stay fit, or keep stress levels down this season. Plus, if you keep it up with your workouts, you won’t feel as guilty for eating literally everything you can at Thanksgiving dinner.


Pictured: the least difficult and time-consuming hobby ever.

Did you try absolutely nothing new this past summer? While I highly doubt that, it’s never too late to get out there and try new things. Click here to check out all the programs you can try this season.


Get excited for Halloween! It is creeping up on us quickly. Stock up on toothbrushes and floss for the inevitable cavity-causing candy you will consume. Carve some pumpkins, decorate your home, and plan your Halloween party!

Oh, and don’t forget to buy some orange spray paint and an over-priced suit so you can dress up as Donald Trump. Because let’s be honest, making fun of that character this Halloween will be the highlight of this season.




And here’s a pro-tip: If you’re planning on handing out goodies at your home, and you actually hand out granola bars or gum, you can truly say you were a monster for Halloween.

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