May 13, 2018 Governance, News

On April 16, 2018 over 70 residents attended a presentation by Michael White, Associate VP, Campus and Community Planning and Aubrey Kelly, CEO of UBC Properties Trust, gave a presentation on land use at UBC, followed by a question and answer period. This topic was suggested by a number of residents who attended the Strata 101 workshops held this winter. The UNA looks forward to facilitating and supporting more presentations on topics of community interest.

Resident Feedback

“I found the presentation gave an excellent overview of the work of UBC Property Trust and association with C&CP. I was unaware that Property Trust functioned as an integrated business with its own responsibilities to arrange financing, vet builders and manage complexes. Also it was interesting to learn that a dividend was paid to UBC annually!” – UNA Resident


“The format was a great way to allow residents to raise issues with senior people at the University and to have a larger number of people than normal hear the answers. It was important to get confirmation that the 2011 approval of 993,000 sq. ft. of residential floor space for the Stadium Road Neighbourhood was, in fact, the last allocation actually approved by the Board of Governors and the BC Government.  We know that the Board has subsequently said (in the context of the Game Plan) that a rebuilt Stadium would be funded through incremental revenue from its optimal siting (allowing for more market housing), and that more housing for Faculty and Staff is planned, but that figures we have heard of an increase to 1.5 million sq. ft. of residential floor space in the Stadium Road Neighbourhood are, at this stage, merely hypothetical, not approved.  It was also very important to hear from Faculty members their concerns not only regarding sufficient housing, but also rental rates that are rising faster than their salaries.  I would love to see another such forum to help residents understand the how development of these neighbourhoods contributes to the endowment of the University and what some of the assumptions behind monetizing the endowed lands are.” – UNA Resident


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