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Halloween is over, friends. If you’re anything like me, your pants are a little tighter and you’ve sworn off candy for at least a month (but let’s be honest with ourselves – we’ll only last a few more days).

The infamous October 31st was a huge success, and not just because it was one of 3 days of the month that didn’t see rain. Halloween at Wesbrook Community Centre was possibly the best event we’ve ever hosted. From 4-7 PM, the centre was transformed into a scary-sweet wonderland. We had tons of games in the Gymnasium, crafts and pumpkin decorating in the Art Room, and a spooky haunted house in the Youth & Senior Centre.

The turnout was incredible. We were visited by vampires, space aliens, ninjas, and everything else imaginable. I thought our event would be pretty standard, but was I ever wrong. Here are a few things I learned about Halloween, lessons that I certainly won’t forget for next year!


Kids LOVE Candy. Really. I’m Scared.

I know it’s obvious that kids love candy. And sure, adults love candy too. I, personally, love candy more than anyone in the world – or so I thought. No doubt there were tons of little ones screaming and yelling “TRICK OR TREAT!” at every adult whom they thought might have the slightest chance of having candy to give away. This is completely normal (right?). But on Monday, I witnessed something that changed my life.

On this fateful day, I witnessed pure and innocent hope twinkling in the eyes of these sugar-craving monsters. This hope led children to yell, to plead, and ultimately to exhibit a rare silence while they waited for that magical drop of candy into their bags. Their hopeful gaze dug into the very fabric of my soul. It was powerful. The force of their beaming and hungry eyes overcame me, and I ended up giving each group of kids all the candy I had. Constantly going back to the stockpile for more, I’m pretty sure I single-handedly caused us to run out of candy in the first hour. I cannot even imagine a force as powerful as what these kids have. Think about what children can do with such vigorous hope. They could achieve world peace, end world hunger….

Or, just get their tiny hands on all the candy they could ever want. It’s a good thing Halloween comes only once a year.

Kids Take Their Costumes VERY Seriously. 

Here’s how I thought costumes worked: Kids will pick whatever is most popular at the time, like Frozen princesses and Spiderman. Simple, cute, and straightforward. Well, I learned that kids are more creative than I thought, and I will get schooled if I pretend to already know what their costume is.

This one little girl, about 7 years old, was wearing a dress that I understood to be a princess dress. Standard, right? Wrong! I was chatting with this little princess and I thought she was Aurora from Sleeping Beauty. This girl couldn’t hide her excitement at telling me what she was. She was a princess, but one that she had completely made-up. That’s cute, I thought. Little did I know, this girl had created an entire back story for her princess. Here’s a few details I remember: she is a Chinese princess, and very powerful. She lives in China but she gets to travel wherever she wants because she’s royalty, obviously. And she really loves candy. Hint. Hint.

Dang, these kids are good.

Bright Colours + Wig = Disney Princess Treatment.

I went all-out for Halloween this year. Usually I don’t dress up at all, but this year was special because I was able to take part in We Are Community’s Halloween festivities for the first time. To honour the memory of the beloved actor, Gene Wilder, I decided to go as Wonka candy. Bright dress, bright make-up, candy accessories all over, and a big pink wig. Most people who know me couldn’t recognize me at first – I’d call that a success!

But I soon learned that my costume was like a magnet. Throughout the 3 hours of the event, I was almost constantly surrounded by kids fascinated by my costume. Parents lined up to take photos of me with their kids. Everywhere I looked someone was taking photos or videos of me. I totally felt like a Disney princess at Disneyland. It was really fun, but I think all the attention I was getting went to my head… At one point I bribed a child with candy just so he would take a photo with me. But he was really shy and his mom wanted a photo too, okay!?

Overall, it was such a great Halloween that I now wish we had more than one each year. But then again, with all the candy consumption, I’m not sure if I could keep up with buying new clothes to match my ever-growing waistline…

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