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The following is a notice from Campus and Community Planning.

The Longest Day Race is taking place on June 16.

Date: Friday, June 16, 2017 – 18:30 to 21:00
Location: Various campus areas

Event Details:

  • Setup at 9:00am.  Takedown to 10:30pm
  • 1,700 participants; 300 spectators
  • Fundraising for the Junior Diabetes Resaerch Foundation and the Junior Development Track & Field
  • Start on Stadium Road at Main Mall.
  • Finish line and event fair at Thunderbird Stadium parking lot
  • Access to St. John Hospice maintained at all times via Marine Drive and West Mall  to Stadium Road
  • Building access to be maintained at all times via gaps in runners.
  • Sound system will be used at finish line from 5:30pm – 9:00pm to announce runners and awards at levels that will not impact Hospice residents.
  • Non-amplified music will be playing at various points on Main Mall – Koerner Plaza, at Agricultural Road, around Martha Piper Plaza, Fairview Commons and Main Mall grass meridian between Kaiser and The Barn Daycare..
  • To minimize disruption to the residents, Main Mall from Thunderbird Blvd to Stadium Road designated as a “quiet” and “no cheer” zone.
  • Food and alcohol will be served in the Stadium parking lot.

Road closures – see map.

  • 6:00pm – 8:45pm – Stadium Road CLOSED from East Mall to West Mall
  • 6:30pm – 8:00pm – East Mall southbound CLOSED from Thunderbird Boulevard to West 16th
  • 6:45pm  8:30pm – West Mall northbound CLOSED from Stadium Road to Stores Road
  • Access to St. John Hospice maintained via SW Marine Drive and West Mall to Stadium Road via gaps in runners
  • Access in/out of Hawthorn Place driveways on West Mall will be available via gaps in runners with the help of Traffic Control Personnel
  • Access to/from Hawthorn Place will be via Thunderbird Boulevard and Wesbrook Mall

For more details please follow this link.


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