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Last Friday, it was National Dog Day here in Canada. I’m sure you all know by now that I love dogs. They’re happy, loving, and playful – what more could you ask for in man’s best friend? Well, I thought about writing a post all about dogs, but since I’ve talked about them so much already, I suspect that there might be some feline jealousy lurking on the warm tops of fridges and inside cardboard boxes across the city. That is why I am dedicating this post to cats, and I present you with an interview I conducted on Friday with one of our staff members, Molly.


August 26, 2016: I catch up with Molly at Wesbrook Community Centre. Her very presence dominates the room. She looks almost regal, and her gaze can pierce the hearts of a thousand warriors.



Name: Molly

Age: 14

Breed: Tabby

Favourite Food: Safeway Rotisserie Chicken

Position at We Are Community: Director of Security




Krysta: Hi, Molly. Thank you for joining me today. Nice to see you. Your fur is looking quite nice, this time of year.

Molly: *Meows*

K: Yes, I can tell that you’ve just been brushed. So, as Director of Security, what exactly do you do here?

M: *Stares off at the wall, meows*

K: You oversee your kingdom….? So you make sure that everyone is safe and secure! How noble of you. We appreciate your protection– yes, you have very powerful claws, thank you for demonstrating their sharpness on my foot.

M: *Stares blankly*

K: So, Molly. I have your old resume here and it says that in your free time, you like to watch TV, listen to blues music, and constantly put your pet mouse in human shoes. Am I missing anything?

M: *Purrs*

K: You like to sleep a lot! Of course. How about at work? How do you keep yourself busy on the job?




K: You like to sleep on the middle of the carpet where everyone can trip over you? And then you attack their legs? Well, I can’t say that I’m surprised – you must be on edge all day from the stress of your position.

M: *Yawns*

K: Interesting… Well, Molly, I have just a few more questions for you today, and then I’ll let you get back to your rotisserie chicken and catnap. What are your thoughts on National Dog Day in Canada? Do you have many dog friends?





K: ….. I guess that’s all the time we have!



Molly had to leave in order to… get some more work done. But she wanted me wish our readers a happy National Dog Day!


Catnip and meows,


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