November 9, 2016 News, Public Service

Effective October 10th, 2016 (*Extended). All one-way car sharing vehicles (Car2go and Evo) will need to park in designated “Car Share Only Parking” in Hawthorn Place, Hampton Place and Wesbrook Place.

It is important for all car share users to leave their car share vehicles in “Car Share Only Parking” locations.

To ensure UNA designated “Car Share Only Parking” locations are able to meet the on-going car share parking demand, the UNA Office has set up a Simple Two-Step Process:

Step 1, For UNA residents that cannot find “Car Share Only Parking” space within the neighbourhood:

  • For Hawthorn or Hampton Place Residents:
    • When you are unable to find any “Car Share Only Parking” space in the neighbourhood and need to end your trip in a UBC surface parking lot.
  • For Wesbrook Place Residents:
    • When you need to park outside a 2 block radius from your home.

Step 2, Please email with the following information:

  1. Your UNA Access Card Number
  2. Car2Go – Screenshot of My Trip info; EVO – Screenshot of My Trip info and your end of trip location.

The UNA office will actively review resident’s feedback. Designated Car Share Only Parking locations will be adjusted according to UNA resident’s demand.

It is important that all residents should respect this new change, and avoid leaving your personal vehicle inside any designated “Car Share Only Parking”. Any personal vehicles park inside “Car Share Only Parking” will be towed immediately without further notice.

Going forward, our invigilators will place special attention on any violation against “Car Share Only Parking”, “Modo” and “Zipcar” on-street parking locations.

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