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November 6, 2020 Governance, News

The UNA Board of Directors is establishing a Community Engagement Advisory Committee that will represent community interests in providing advice to the Board of Directors on matters related to improving the engagement of University Neighbourhoods residents at the community level.

The Committee is to assist the Board in identifying and implementing initiatives that will improve the levels and effectiveness of resident participation in community life, with a view towards improving the overall quality of life in the University Neighbourhoods.

  • You are encouraged to apply if you are a UNA resident member with interests specific to community development, engagement and consultation, including:
  • Recruiting and organizing UNA residents with appropriate experience who are interested in participating in UNA community advisory committees and working groups;
  • Designing and delivering inclusive community engagement and consultation programs;
  • Promoting sustainable decisions by recognizing the needs and interests of all community members, including decision makers;
  • Finding ways to improving UNA residents’ level of engagement and involvement in community life;
  • Working with boards and administrations in improving their effectiveness in dealing with community engagement and consultation processes.

The committee will serve with an appointed chair from the Board of Directors and will have support from UNA staff. There are four spots to fill in this committee and the term of appointment is two years. This is a volunteer Committee that will serve without compensation.

All interested parties are asked to please submit a resume and cover letter addressed to the UNA Board of Directors to communications@myuna.ca before November 30, 2020.

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