The UNA Access Card is used to access UNA facilities and receive discounts for various UBC & Vancouver Facilities — including UBC Aquatic Centre, Museum of Anthropology, and Vancouver Public Libraries.


Becoming a UNA member allows residents to vote in UNA elections and at Annual General Meetings. It also allows UNA residents to run for Resident Director positions.The UNA board of directors is responsible for the oversight of the UNA, voting in elections is your chance to voice how you want the community to be. Voting makes us a much stronger community.


UNA residents can become UNA members or get their Access Cards at either of our Community Centres (Wesbrook Community Centre, or the Old Barn Community Centre).

The following documents are required to obtain or renew a UNA Access Card:

Photo ID (one of the following):

  • BC Drivers Licence
  • BC Services Card
  • Passport
  • Other government issued photo ID

Plus proof of current UNA Address (one of the following):

  • Current utility/service bill with UNA address (e.g. phone, cable, or hydro bill)
  • Current Credit Card statement with UNA address
  • Current Village Gate Homes or Wesbrook Properties rental agreement.