Building Permits

Building permits are required for new construction or alterations to existing structures, exterior additions, interior finishing, major renovations, and other types of work. Permits are not normally required for such things as the replacement of fixtures or appliances, painting, replacing floor coverings, or the replacement of cabinets and counters in kitchens or bathrooms. To find out more contact Campus + Community Planning Permits.

Landscape Change Permits License

Strata Corporations that are considering changes to their landscaping or the removal of any trees or large shrubs should consult with Campus + Community Planning before any work is undertaken.

Home Based Business License

All Home-Based Business operators must obtain a business license before opening. If you are already operating a Home-Based Business, you must obtain a business license to continue operating. A Home-Based Business refers to a craft or occupation conducted in a principal residence as an accessory use subordinate to the principle residential use of a dwelling unit. These businesses must only be conducted within the principle building on the site. Home based businesses allow a portion of a residence to be used for a craft and/or occupation for administration purposes only (mailing and telephone). Generally the permission of your strata corporation is required.

Commercial Business License

Business licenses are required for any person to operate a business on the UBC Vancouver campus. Business licenses are required for commercial office uses, retail or service type commercial activities. A Commercial Enterprise means any commercially oriented business or organization. Depending on the nature of your business, the following approvals may be required to obtain a business license – UBC Campus and Community Planning (for land use, Signage and Building Permits), Vancouver Coastal Health Department and the City of Vancouver Fire Department.

Application for Business License and Fee Schedule

The business license application form and fee schedule is available from the Office of UBC Permits and Inspections, Campus and Community Planning or online at Completed applications along with the appropriate fee will be reviewed by the Permits and Inspections Branch staff.

For more information on Home Based Businesses and Commercial Business Licenses please contact the Permits and Inspections Department.

Permits and Inspections
Campus and Community Planning
The University of British Columbia
2210 West Mall, Vancouver, B.C.

Dog Licenses

The UNA encourages residents to licence their dogs with the City of Vancouver Animal Services. Lost dogs have a 97% return rate to owners if licensed and receive a “free ride home” once a year. Funding from licensing allows the shelter to care for lost or stray dogs and provide pet adoption services. Licensing helps provide important statistics to manage the need for dog facilities and services in the city, e.g. off-leash dog parks. Licensing allows Animal Control Officers to respond to emergency calls of hurt or lost animals, educate the public and puts your dog on the Emergency Pet Registry so emergency responders know to look for your dog in the case of an emergency or disaster. To find out more, go to Vancouver Animal Services or call 604-873-7000.

Special Occasion Liquor License

A special occasion liquor license is required if you are planning to host an event where liquor will be served or sold. Different sorts of licenses are required for public events, such as fundraisers open to the public, than for private events, such as weddings or birthday parties.
To find out more, contact BC Liquor Stores.