January 6, 2017 News, Public Service, Safety

The UNA continues to respond to adverse weather conditions and will increase snow and ice removal resources as required.

This winter has been uncharacteristically wintery with numerous bouts of cold overnight temperatures and snow events. With each event, UNA-contracted crews have been deployed to clear and salt sidewalks, letdowns and pathways within the neighbourhoods. UBC crews have also been dispatched to clear and salt roadways within the UNA and UBC academic realm, in addition to key campus walkways, the bus loop and approaches to the hospital

Similar to other municipalities in the Lower Mainland, the responsibility for snow removal is a balance of the local property owners and local government crews. As with other municipalities this winter, there remains significant snow and ice on side streets, and on sidewalks, if an owner has not taken the appropriate steps to clear snow and ice from the path adjacent to their property.

The UNA will continue to proactively monitor and respond to the on-going weather conditions. UNA staff would like to remind residents to stay safe and be extra careful when walking outside or driving. We also urge that building owners be extra vigilant and keep their sidewalks clear and salted/sanded.

Updated: January 6, 2017.

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