January 3, 2019 News, Sustainability Tips

New Year – New Tips!

We are kicking off 2019 with some more sustainability tips for the community!

Consider a Recycle it Right Resolution – With Your Coffee!

Recycling isn’t always straightforward. A prime example is the disposable coffee cup – an elusive character when it comes to proper disposal. Disposable coffee cups are one of the most commonly found items in garbage bins! (let’s change that). The garbage bin is definitely the wrong place for these coffee cups, but where is the right place?

The parts of the coffee cup that come in contact with your drink (the lid and the cup) are considered container items. Even though they are made mostly of paper, coffee cups actually have a plastic lining, which can contaminate paper recycling if mixed in accidentally. Paper sleeves still go in paper recycling.

Contact with Coffee? Container Recycling!
Paper Sleeve? Paper Recycling!


What about straws and splash sticks?

Unfortunately, these need to go straight in the garbage. Unnecessary waste is a big problem, so something you can do is reduce your use of these items, especially plastic ones!  

Of course, the BEST option is to use a reusable travel mug! If you do get a disposable coffee cup, please make sure to always find a recycling bin and recycle it right!

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