April 4, 2019 News, Sustainability Tips

Earth Day has been internationally celebrated since 1970 (49 years!). It is a day to bring awareness of some of the greatest environmental issues we currently face, including climate change, plastics pollutions, and threats to our endangered species.

This is a day to take action and change our own behaviour to decrease our harmful impact and ensure that we treat the planet and all its residents with care.

Need some ideas on what to do for Earth Day this year?
  1. Come celebrate. The UNA Earth Day Celebration is happening on April 27! (We moved it back a week so it doesn’t clash with Easter)
  2. Get Outside. Have fun and enjoy this beautiful planet!
  3. Do something nice for the planet. It’s up to you to be the change that we need to see in the world! You could pick up some litter (#trashtag), donate to a conservation charity, or bring your own bag to the grocery store.
  4. Make one change. Altering one thing in your day that takes the planet into consideration is a great way to start! Make sure to reflect on the changes that you’ve already made and see how far you’ve come.
  5. Take a quiz. Test your knowledge and learn more about Climate Change, Ocean Health, and Biodiversity. https://www.earthday.org/earth-day-quiz/
  6. Volunteer. Have you considered donating some of your time? Volunteering is a great way to get involved in our community and have a positive effect on the environment.
    • UNA Earth Day Celebration (April 27)
    • Green Depot (our local recycling centre)

For more information about volunteering, please contact Emily Lomax and emily.lomax@myuna.ca


Make sustainable choices when you purchase chocolates and treats:

  • Choose Local (Purdy’s Chocolate, Thomas Haas, Gem Chocolates, Roger’s Chocolate (Victoria))
  • Choose Fairtrade (Roger’s Chocolate, Endangered Species Chocolate, Green and Blacks)
  • Avoid palm oil
  • Go easy on the treats and choose ones with as little packaging as possible
  • Choose paper instead of plastic
  • Attend an Easter Egg Workshop to learn how to make traditional, dyed Easter eggs!
  • Choose items that can be re-used (refillable Easter eggs, Easter baskets, etc.)



Did you know, in Metro Vancouver, a lot of items are actually banned from the waste bin?

Waste Wizard, while specific to the City of Vancouver, is still a useful tool and valuable guide when you are trying to understand what types of items can be recycled. You may be surprised that most items can be recycled if you know where to take them. The Green Depot is always available to UNA and UBC members for the recycling of items not accepted in your household recycling. Likewise, Vancouver Zero Waste Centre provides a convenient location for residents to drop off a wide range of materials for reuse and recycling, free of charge, including materials that require special handling or are in large quantities.

Items banned from household garbage

Banned Item Where does it go?
Food Waste +
Compostable Items
Household Green Bin
Beverage Containers Household Recycling (Plastics/Containers Recycling)
Containers made of glass, metal, recyclable plastic (1, 2, 4 & 5), and composite materials Household Recycling (Plastics/Containers)
Styrofoam Food Containers Vancouver Zero Waste Centre
Styrofoam Packing Blocks UNA Green Depot
Recyclable Paper Household Recycling (Mixed Paper)



Get in the habit of checking where your produce is from – local, seasonal produce will be more nutritious and have a lot more flavour! 

Kale Asparagus Onions
Radishes Rhubarb Spinach
Chives Cilantro Dill
Oregano Parsley Mushrooms
Crab Clams Cod
Mussels Lingcod Flounder


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