October 5, 2018 News, Sustainability Tips

Sustainability Tips – October

Did you know that sustainability includes financial, social, and environmental factors? While sustainability is often linked most closely with environment, all three are equally important when considering sustainable action. Practices and products that are truly sustainable are able to continue indefinitely, without harm to people, the planet, or profit.

Some simple (yet impactful) actions you can make to incorporate sustainability best practices into our life!


  • Use you veggie + turkey scraps to make soup
  • Freeze your leftovers to decrease food waste
  • Ditch the disposable and invest in cloth napkins
  • Make sure your guests know where recycling and compost goes
  • Put fats, oils, and greases into your green bin (not down the drain!)
  • Visit the UBC Farm and enjoy local, seasonal produce!
Apples Cauliflower Lettuce
Pears Celery Onions
Beets Swiss Chard Parsnips
Broccoli Corn Potatoes
Cabbage Leeks Squash


  • Recreate or reuse costumes (Check out your local thrift stores – The SPCA Thrift store and The Salvation Army Thrift Store)
  • Choose Fairtrade, organic, non-GMO treat options
  • Hand out non-candy treats (stickers, play dough, toys)
  • Don’t purchase individually packaged treats for home or work
  • Send your kids out with reusable buckets and pillow cases
  • Purchase locally grown pumpkins to carve (and compost them afterwards)

Starting the Rainy Season off Right

  • Keep your thermostat below 22 C (day) and 19 C (night)
  • Invest in a good quality umbrella (one that won’t blow inside out)
  • Collect outdoor rainwater for indoor plants
  • Check the pressure in your tires to increase fuel efficiency
  • Repurpose unwearable summer clothes as rags

To learn more about sustainability and the different initiatives at the UNA, make sure to check out our Sustainability page.

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