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Get electrified!

Have you been thinking about getting an Electric Vehicle (EV)? Want to know how EV-rebates work? or what to do once you have an EV?

Choosing an electric vehicle over one that burns gas is one of the best things you can do to reduce greenhouse gas production!

Climate Context

Transportation is responsible for 25% of the carbon emissions produced in Canada (second only to emissions produced from the Oil and Gas industry)

Emissions Reduction Targets 


  • Reduce GHG emissions by 30% below 2005 levels by 2030.
  • 2017 status: 2.0% reduction since 2005

British Columbia

  • Reduce GHG by 40% below 2007 levels by 2030, 60% by 2040, and 80% by 2050
  • 2016 status: 2.2% reduction since 2007

Metro Vancouver

  • Reduce GHG by 33% below 2007 levels by 2020, and 80% by 2050
  • 2015 status: 12% reduction since 2007

Rebate Programs

CEV for BC

(Clean Energy Vehicles for British Columbia)

iZEV Program

(Zero Emissions Vehicle Program)


Funding Provincial Federal Not-for-profit (Privately funded)
Program summary Financial incentive for British Columbians who purchase vehicles that do not burn fossil fuels Financial incentive for Canadians who purchase vehicles that do not burn fossil fuels Financial incentive for British Columbians who purchase an Electic Vehicle and dispose of a fossil fuel burning vehicle simultaneously

Funding amount

(battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and long-range plug-in hybrid vehicles)

(short-range plug-in hybrid vehicles)

(battery-electric, hydrogen fuel cell, and long-range plug-in hybrid vehicles)$2500
(short-range plug-in hybrid vehicles)
(new battery-electric vehicles)$3000
(used battery-electric vehicles)

Do used vehicles qualify?




Do leased vehicles qualify?

(rebate prorated)
(rebate prorated)

Yes for new EVs
No for used EVs

Maximum vehicle MSRP


(vehicles with six or fewer seats)

(vehicles with seven or more seats)


Funding availability

Until funding runs out (otherwise until March 2020) Until funding runs out (Otherwise until May 2022) Until funding runs out

Next round of funding

Unknown Unknown January 2020 (anticipated)

Where to purchase

Members of the New Car Dealership Association
(most dealerships)See list of eligible dealerships
Dealerships that have registered with Transport Canada (most dealerships) Participating dealerships who have remaining allocated funding available. Incentives are already attached to specific vehicles – see website for more info on dealership and vehicle availability

Time to receive rebate



4-6 weeks

Rebate limit

1 per individual 1 per individual

10 per business or government operating fleet

1 per vehicle

More information

CEV for BC Program

iZEV Program

SCRAP-IT Program

Vehicle Types

Battery Electric

  • Fully electric vehicles with rechargeable batteries that do not burn fuel (no carbon emissions)

Hydrogen Fuel Cell

  • Use hydrogen fuel to power an electric motor
  • Conversion of hydrogen gas into electricity produces water and heat as a by-product

Plug-in Hybrid

  • Battery charged through both regenerative braking (using braking energy to power motor) and “plugging in” (charging through an external power source). Electric motor and gasoline engine work in tandem to power the vehicle.
  • Larger battery capacity than Conventional Hybrid
  • Long-range plug-in hybrids have a battery capacity of 15kWh or more
  • Short-range plug-in hybrid have a battery capacity of less than 15kWh

Charging Station Types

Level 1

  • Standard wall outlet charger
  • Requires 10 hours to fully charge an EV and several hours for a plug-in hybrid

Level 2

  • Typical publicly available charging station
  • Available to use on UBC Campus, and throughout Metro Vancouver

Level 3

  • Fastest charging station type
  • 10x more powerful than standard Level 2
  • Can delivery 100 km of charge in 30 minutes
  • Not compatible with all vehicles
  • Available to use in Wesbrook Place.

Charging Station Locations

Try these trusted Apps:

A Level III EV Charging Station is located in Wesbook Place – on Webber Lane, across from Wesbrook Community Centre. The Charging Station is currently free to use. For more information, visit www.myuna.ca/electric-vehicle-charging

More Information

Cost of an EV

More EV Info

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