Logo - GREEN DEPOT (2018)

The Green Depot is a free recycling centre for UNA residents, and UBC staff, faculty and students

The UNA has partnered with Waste Control Services & Recycling Inc. and PosAbilities to provide UNA and UBC community members with socially and environmentally responsible waste repurposing and disposal options.

Our recycling service is meant to handle items that are at the end of their usable life (except for clothing donations). For items that are still working and usable, consider donating them to local charities such as Salvation Army Thrift Stores or Free Geek (for computer products)


Electronic waste (‘e-waste’)


Soft Plastics (plastic bags, bubble wrap, shrink wrap)

Other flexible plastics (Any flexible plastic)


Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Light Bulbs


Please note that removal of items from the Green Depot is not permitted

The Green Depot is run 100% by Waste Warriors (volunteers). Our Waste Warriors are extremely dedicated community youth who have dedicated their time to strengthen the UNA community and decrease the amount of unnecessary waste going into the landfill.

Without the Waste Warriors, the Green Depot would not be possible!


To learn more about the Green Depot or to learn about volunteer opportunities, contact Emily Lomax, Sustainability Coordinator at emily.lomax@myuna.ca


Hours are subject to change, please check the calendar below before dropping off items.