October 24, 2016 Community, News, Public Service

“The UNA Good Neighbour” is a series of videos produced by the UNA. Check them out on youtube or vimeo. This is a fun way to learn about various important topics on living in the UNA community. New videos released every Thursday.

Always Be Prepared

Our Good Neighbour demonstrates how to be prepared at home for an emergency or a disaster. Check out the UNA Emergency Kit.

Noisy Neighbours

Our Good Neighbour demonstrates the impact of a noisy environment on his quality of life.

Neighbour’s Best Friend

Our Good Neighbour shares some helpful tips about keeping a Good Pet in our community.

Getting Around

Our Good Neighbour shows the safe and sustainable way of getting around campus.

Taking Out the Trash

Our Good Neighbour shows some sustainable practices in recycling, composting, and reducing waste.

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