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Happy August, everyone!


You might not think of UBC as the best place to spend your summer days. After all, it is a university campus! You imagine boring libraries, silent study halls, and zombies- I mean students, wandering around campus not knowing what to do with all their free time. But actually, UBC is more than just a school and it is way cooler than you think. It’s a major community, growing bigger every day, and that means there’s lots to do. What’s even better, everything is way less busy than in Metro Vancouver! That means summer fun without all the crowds and all the waiting. Here are my top 9 reasons why UBC is the best place to be this summer. Read on to discover your next summer adventure!


9. Pacific Spirit Regional Park

Calling Pacific Spirit Park beautiful would be a grave understatement. Personally, I like to use the term “heaven” for this place. The park boasts 73 kilometres of walking and hiking trails, for people, dogs, bikes, and even horses! The trails are perfect for an easy and tranquil walk in the forest. I like to run in the park 2 or 3 times a week because of the fresh air, the peaceful environment, and the fact that I get to pass by SO MANY dogs! Seriously, the prospect of seeing the next cute pup keeps me going.



8. All the Dogs!

Yeah, I like dogs. Who doesn’t? But I think UBC is a hotspot for dog lovers, because there are pooches everywhere. With the high number of parks at UBC, it’s simply the perfect place to raise little ol’ Peaches. And that’s great for me, err, I mean everyone, because the people are nice and always let you play with their dogs. As a result, I have met some fascinating people and heard some great stories – simply by meeting their furry friends!



7. You’ll Meet Great People

Speaking of the people, did I mention how great they are? Just in the past few weeks, I’ve met some fascinating individuals. I talked with a man for an hour who had just arrived in Vancouver that morning from Tanzania. He had spent the previous week climbing Mount Kilimanjaro (he made it to the top!). I also ran into a local Vancouver comedian who was outside helping his daughters catch Pokémon. How cute is that? The friendliness and openness of people in this community is a refreshing change from the typical business-as-usual feel of Metro Vancouver.



6. Catching all those Pokémon

But it’s not just the people… it’s the Pokémon, too! There is an impressive amount of those weird little pocket monsters to catch at UBC. I’ve seen groups of people of all ages, wandering around with their phones, questing to be the best there ever was. So, playing Pokémon Go around UBC will not only help you catch them all, you’ll be going for a long and beautiful walk around campus!





5. The Amazing Views

Don’t look at your phone for too long, though, because you’ll miss the views of this beautiful place. The campus itself has gorgeous state-of-the-art architecture, scenic views of the islands and mountains beyond the inlet, and tons of green space. Want to have a picnic, toss the Frisbee around, or just soak up the sun on your favourite blanket? You can do it all here. Even better, our very own Wesbrook Community Centre is right next to Pacific Spirit Park, and the Old Barn Community Centre is just steps from UBC’s Botanical Gardens, several wonderful museums, and world-famous Wreck Beach. So no matter where you find yourself in this community, you will be surrounded by beauty.




4. Wreck Beach

Speaking of beauty, Wreck Beach’s attractiveness deserves its own entire article. North America’s largest clothing-optional beach is without-a-doubt the strangest, most beautiful spot in Vancouver. You can play nude bocce ball with beach locals, take a picturesque walk along the 7km shore, and tan those pasty buns – you’re blinding everyone!



3. The Splash Pad at Wesbrook Community Centre

And if you get a little too warm at Wreck Beach, you can cool off at Wesbrook Community Centre’s new Splash Pad. It’s a family and pet-friendly water park that is the perfect complement to your summer fun. Open every day this summer from 8 am to 8 pm, it’s designed to turn on only when you press the activation button. A happy summer is a water-saving summer.



2. We Are Community Programs

A happy summer is also one where you have fun and try new things. Wesbrook Community Centre and the Old Barn Community Centre offer hundreds of programs to help you stay active, healthy, and busy this summer. You can check out all we have to offer at www.wearecommunityvan.ca. This summer, I wanted to try something new so I’ve been attending our newest DDP Power Yoga class. Is it possible to feel simultaneously almost dead and more alive than ever? Who knew that getting my butt kicked twice a week would be my favourite summertime activity…



1. We Are Community Events

And finally, when you’re not busy with ballet, guitar lessons, or volleyball drop-ins this summer, take advantage of one of our awesome (and free!) community events. On Friday, August 12th, we’re hosting our second “Evening in the Park”, an outdoor live concert featuring Buckman Coe! And join us on Saturday, August 20th for the Old Barn Community Centre’s 10th birthday celebration. The Barn Raising will be a fantastic event with live music, a petting zoo, free BBQ, a pie eating contest, and so much more. Oh, and I’ll be there too, along with all of our amazing staff – what more could you want?



This Summer At UBC, You Will Never Be Bored!

With everything I’ve just mentioned, spending your summer days around UBC means you’re going to have a great time and you’ll never be bored. Just picture yourself, on a beautiful sunny day, at UBC: you start with a 9 am Hatha Yoga class at Wesbrook Community Centre, followed by a leisurely stroll through Pacific Spirit Park (where you meet delightful people and the cutest dogs ever). Next you make your way over to Wreck Beach, catching Pokemon along the way, and you have a beautiful ocean-side picnic. You feel relaxed, rejuvenated, and ready for more! The opportunities and activities are endless. That is why UBC really is the best place to be this summer.



What are your favourite things to do at UBC? Let me know in the comments below!


Happy Summer Adventuring!

– Krysta

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