Our on-street parking strategies aim to provide neighbourhood residents and authorized visitors accessible parking in the UNA neighbourhoods. We recognize that many types of visitors need to park in UNA neighbourhoods, including shoppers and guests of residents. The parking management strategy is meant to accommodate these visitors while addressing the prevalent issue of limited space.

Parking Permits are available to residents of Wesbrook Place, Hawthorn Place and Hampton Place within each of their respective neighbourhoods. There are no parking permits for residents of Chancellor Place or East Campus.

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Renewals will be available online and during service desk hours – Monday to Friday | 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Key Dates

  • Hampton Place Parking Enforcement
    • April 2, 2024: Hampton Place residents can begin applying for resident and visitor parking permits.
    • April 2, 2024: Enforcement in ‘No Parking Zones’ begins. No vehicles may park in ‘No Parking Zones.’
    • May 1, 2024: Full enforcement including enforcement in ‘Permit Only Zones’ begins. A Hampton Resident Parking Permit or a Hampton Visitor Parking Permit will be required in ‘Permit Only Zones.’
    • May 12, 2024: The grace period in Hampton “Permit Only Zones” ends.
    • May 13, 2024: Regular enforcement at Hampton Place begins. Vehicles parked in violation will be towed.
  • Wesbrook Place Parking Enforcement
    • April 2, 2024: Wesbrook Place residents can begin applying for resident and visitor parking permits.
    • May 12, 2024: The grace period for expired 2023 Wesbrook Place Parking Permit ends.
    • May 13, 2024: Regular parking enforcement at Wesbrook Place resumes.
  • Hawthorn Place Parking Enforcement
    • June 3, 2024: Hawthorn Place residents can begin applying for resident and visitor parking permits.
    • July 14, 2024: The grace period for expired 2023 Hawthorn Parking Permit
    • July 15, 2024: Regular parking enforcement at Hawthorn Place resumes.

Process Details

  • Apply and Pay Online
    • Upload scans/photos of required documents.
    • Application and documents will be verified by staff.
    • Receive confirmation of application verification and pay permit balance online through UNA Account.
      • Online payment must be submitted before permit can be picked-up.
  • Apply and Pay In-Person 
    • Visit the Parking Services Desk at Wesbrook Community Centre.
    • Please bring all required documents. 

When applying online, you can upload your documents in your UNA Parking Application Form.

Resident Parking Permit (Decals)

The following documents are required to obtain or renew a resident parking permit:

  • BC Driver’s License (BCDL)
  • Proof of UNA Address
  • ICBC Vehicle Registration (must be registered to a valid UNA address, and at least 1 month prior to the policy expiry date.)
Visitor Parking Permit & Day Pass

To apply for a Visitor Parking Permit and Day Pass you will need:

  • Photo ID (choose one of the following):
    – BC Drivers Licence
    – BC Identification Card
    – BC Services Card
    – Canadian Passport
    – Other government-issued photo ID
  • Plus Proof of UNA Address (choose one of the following):
    – ICBC Vehicle Registration (must be registered to a valid UNA address)
    – Current utility/service bill with UNA address (e.g. phone, cable, or hydro bill)
    – Current Credit Card statement with UNA address
    – Current Village Gate Homes or Wesbrook Properties rental agreement Only.

For the purpose of information validation, we require you to share your vehicle and ICBC insurance information with us. To uphold your privacy and protect you from fraud, you are required to apply for your permit in person. We will not issue permits to anyone acting as a proxy, regardless of their relationship or connection to you.

Resident Parking Permit (Decal)
  • Allows UNA residents to park their own vehicle on the streets of their own neighbourhood
  • Non-transferable and specific to a single license plate
  • Any driver’s license or vehicle changes will require a replacement permit to be purchased
Visitor Parking Permit
  • Allows a UNA resident’s visitor to park their vehicle on the streets within the resident’s neighbourhood
  • Limited to one per legal UNA address
  • Visitor Parking Permits are non-transferable and specific to a single address
  • If you move between two different neighbourhoods (e.g. from Hawthorn Place to Wesbrook Place to Hampton Place), your current visitor parking permit will no longer be valid.
Day Pass
  • For UNA residents who require additional visitor parking for a one-time function/event.
  • Each legal UNA suite will be entitled to 15 days of Parking Day Passes, annually. Approval will be required for any request above the 15 days of Parking Day Passes annual limit. Residents who need additional day passes above the annual limit will need to submit an application to

Resident Parking Permits are assigned to specific license plate numbers and Visitor Parking Permits are assigned to a specific UNA address.

Parking Permits may only be issued for and used within a resident’s own neighbourhood. If the assigned licence plate number & issued neighbourhood are not a match to the vehicle’s licence plate & parking location, it will be towed.

Permit expiry is based on the specific term of your neighbourhood. Any annual permits purchased after the start of the permit term are prorated at $0.38 per day, plus applicable taxes.

  • Wesbrook Place: May 1 – April 30
  • Hawthorn Place: July 1 – June 30
  • Hampton Place: May 1 – April 30

Daily Prorated Fee Policy  
A daily prorated fee structure applies to all UNA Resident Parking Permit and Visitor Parking Permit purchases.

Parking Permit Rates

All parking permits are purchased at an annual rate, with a daily prorated fee structure applied.

  • Visitor Parking Permit: $140 + applicable taxes
  • 1st Resident Parking Permit: $140 + applicable taxes
  • 2nd Resident Parking Permit: $280 + applicable taxes
  • 3rd Resident Parking Permit $560 + applicable taxes

Applicable Taxes

  • Visitor Parking Permits are also subject to a 24% TransLink Parking Tax.
  • Resident and Visitor Parking Permits are subject to GST.

Administrative Fees

  • A $25 administrative fee will be applied when replacing a parking decal.
  • An administrative fee will not be charged if:
    • Your car was damaged in an accident and written off.
    • Your windshield was replaced
    • Your decal is damaged or pealing

A refund only applies when:

  • The resident moves out of the UNA before the permit expires. Please note – residents will need to submit proof of moving out to

Eligible refunds will be prorated daily. The outstanding amount will be refunded, minus an administration fee.

Claiming A Towed Vehicle

If your vehicle has been towed, please contact Busters Towing (604) 685-8181 or search for your vehicle on the vehicle database at

The roads in the UNA neighbourhoods are owned by the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure (MOTI). Regulations and signage are all regulated and approved by the Ministry and are enforced in accordance to the posted parking signage. The Ministry authorizes the University Neighbourhoods Association (through its subcontract with Commissionaires) to manage parking.

MOTI does not have the ability to ticket or fine violators, and only has the ability to tow on first offence. This has been strictly enforced and has been a consistent practice throughout UNA neighbourhoods since 2012.

Parking Violation Dispute Process

To dispute a tow, complete the following:

If you are unable to use the online form, please contact UNA Parking Services at

Disputes are evaluated according to whether or not parking regulations were adhered to as reported by the parking enforcement officer. Personal circumstances are not considered.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In which neighbourhoods do I need to have a parking permit?

    Street parking rules are being enforced in Wesbrook Place, Hawthorne Place and Hampton Place. Currently, parking permits are not required in Chancellor Place or East Campus.

  • What if I lease my vehicle?

    Your registration and insurance must show your residential address on the second page.

  • What if I drive someone else’s vehicle?

    The following are required:

    • You must be listed as the principal operator on the insurance.
    • The location address on the second page of the insurance and registration must list your residential address within a UNA neighbourhood.
    • You must provide two pieces of supporting ID.
  • What if my vehicle is registered to a business?

    Please send an email to with the subject “Vehicle registered to a Business parking request” and attach the following documents:

    • Written explanation of your circumstances
    • Proof of residential address within the UNA
    • ICBC documents showing the primary registered driver
    • Letter from business owner/manager justifying the need to park near your residence
    • Provide a summary of your request in the body of the email.

    The UNA parking team will review your submission and respond accordingly.

  • What if I own a recreational vehicle (RV)?

    UNA Parking Permits are not valid for commercial vehicles, large vehicles, recreation vehicles, camper trucks and on-street vehicle storage.

    A large vehicle is one that meets one or more of the following criteria:

    1. Taller than 2.2 m (7 feet and 2.61 inches)
    2. Longer than 6.4 m (21 feet)
    3. Not primarily designed to move people
    4. Seats 10 or more passengers
  • What if I’m a student from outside of BC?

    Students or residents who wish to obtain parking permits and maintain out-of-province vehicle registration should contact ICBC and show us proof of a local address on the ICBC approval document, MV1804A. For information, call ICBC at 604-443-4624 or 1-800-665-4336.

  • I am expecting visitors. What parking arrangements can I make for them?

    The UNA offers free parking locations for up to two hours and the option to apply for a daily parking pass for longer stays (15 days free for each household). In addition, you can purchase a Visitor Parking Permit that allows parking for up to 48 hours.
    Please inform your guests of the following:

    • Day Parking Passes or a Visitor Parking Permits are only valid for parking the designated areas for parking permit holders.
    • Day Passes and Visitor Parking Permits are not valid for permanent resident vehicle parking stalls, Modo parking stalls, accessible parking stalls (if without a SPARC permit), loading zones and any time-restricted parking areas.
    • Day Parking Passes or a Visitor Parking Permits must be hung on the vehicle’s rear-view mirror and must be visible from outside, including its expiration date and permit number.
  • What if my visitor has a SPARC permit?

    SPARC permit holders can park in the on-street accessible stalls if they display a valid UNA Parking Permit (either a Residential Parking Permit, Visitor Parking Permit or Day Pass ). Residents can also apply to setup an accessible stall near their residence address. Submit your accessible stall application to the UNA by emailing Requests will be reviewed and granted on a case-by-case basis.

  • What if I have a maintenance or service vehicle come to provide service at my home or building?

    Service and maintenance vehicles are permitted to park in designated parking permit areas, provided they are identified as legitimate service providers or contractors. The vehicle must display identifying markings, such as a company logo, on the exterior. If a service provider or contractor uses a private vehicle without identifying marks, they will have to park in the building’s allotted guest parking, or obtain a UNA daily parking pass or a UNA visitor parking pass. Note that a handwritten letter and a request to call the vehicle owner are not acceptable substitutes for the above requirements and will be considered a violation of the UNA’s parking conditions.

  • What if I own/drive a maintenance or service vehicle?

    Only maintenance or service vehicles used by contractors who are actively providing a service are allowed to park in designated parking permit areas. Residents who drive or own maintenance or service vehicles must obtain a permanent parking permit by contacting

  • What if I need to use on-street parking when I move?  

    The UNA does not reserve parking spaces for moving purposes. Moving trucks, like service vehicles, can use permit parking stalls without a permit, if they have a company logo clearly displayed on the vehicle. Residents may use their own personal vehicles to reserve preferred parking stalls, using their Resident Parking Permit or Day Passes.

  • Can I park a moving container near my home?

    No, parking a moving container near your front door is prohibited. Containers can only be parked within designated parking bays on the street, and this requires prior approval from the UNA. To request an approval, please email with the details of your move including the time and date/s of your move, the container’s size, the transport company you are using, and the contact information of the transport company.

  • I obtained a placement permit from the UNA for my moving container. What are its stipulations?
    • A moving container placement permit allows you to place a container in a pre-approved on-street parking stall for 72 hours.
    • The permit holder needs to be present during the delivery and collection of the container.
    • The moving container placement permit only allows for container placement, not the parking of vehicles or other equipment.
    • The permit holder must ensure that the parking stall remains clean during and after the container’s placement.
  • Where should I display my parking decal?

    Parking decals should be displayed on the inside of the windshield, free of obstruction, on the lower left corner of the window (on the driver’s side).

  • What if I misplaced/lose my Visitor Parking Permit

    You must purchase a new Visitor Parking Pass. Replacements are not available.

  • What if I misplaced/lose my resident parking permit?

    You must purchase a new Resident Parking Permit. And stick the decal on your vehicle immediately. Replacement is not available.

  • What if I need to replace my Parking Permit?

    If you changed vehicles or license plate:

    • Your current resident parking decal (remove it from your old vehicle)
    • Photo ID that proves you live in the UNA neighbourhood
    • Current insurance for your new vehicle
    • Administration fee of $25

    If your car was damaged in an accident and written off:

    • Current vehicle registration
    • ICBC paperwork that shows your old vehicle was a write-off
    • Photo ID that proves you live in the UNA neighbourhood
    • No administration fee

    Your windshield was replaced:

    • Your current resident parking decal (remove it from your old windshield) or a receipt from the windshield replacement company
    • Current vehicle registration
    • Photo ID that proves you live in the UNA neighbourhood
    • No administrative fee

    Your UNA resident parking decal is damaged or peeling off:

    • Your current resident parking decal (remove it from your vehicle)
    • Current vehicle registration
    • Photo ID
    • No administrative fee

    Your UNA visitor parking pass is damaged:

    • Your current UNA visitor parking pass (remove it from your vehicle)
    • Photo ID
    • No administrative fee