The University Neighbourhoods Association represents a unique form of community governance in British Columbia in that the Association is established under the BC Societies Act, rather than the Local Government Act or a Community Charter. The UNA neighbourhoods located on the UBC Campus is located on unincorporated land in an area called Electoral Area A.

Neighbours’ Agreement

The UNA provides municipal-like governance for the residents of the UNA neighbourhoods and serves as an advisory body to the UBC Board of Governors. The relationship between the UNA and UBC is described in the Neighbours’ Agreement, which was most recently signed in 2015.

The Neighbours’ Agreement provides a legal framework for the governance of the growing UNA community and outlines the rights and obligations of both partners to the agreement.

Purpose Statement

The UNA acts as the Civic Administrator to:

  • Promote a distinct University Town
  • Be an Advisory Body to the UBC Board of Governors
  • Engage with residents & stakeholders to understand needs
  • Represent the interests of the Neighbourhood Residents
  • Manage funds received from UBC and Residents
  • Maintain the public realm within the Neighbourhoods
  • Provide amenities, services and facilities
  • Deliver cultural, recreational and community services
  • To encourage sustainable practices within the community