Car Share

Living in a rapidly growing community has unique challenges and owning a vehicle can be one of them. The UNA has addressed this challenge by providing its residents with access to car share vehicles, making it easier for residents to travel within and outside of the UNA neighbourhoods.

Our car share program provides residents with a convenient, affordable, and environmentally responsible form of transportation. Along with cost-savings and emissions reductions, the reduction of personal vehicles on the road contributes to a safe and clean community.

Different vehicle types are available, including smart cars for shorter trips, as well as sedans and minivans to accommodate larger family sizes and the transportation of bigger items.

Follow the link below to see where our car share locations are situated

Car Share Options


Designated parking spots within UNA neighbourhoods. Designed for round trips.

Offers hatchbacks, sedans, SUVs, minivans

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Designed for one way trips (do not need to bring the vehicle back to its original location)

Offers a standard hatchback that comes with a roof rack (to transport bikes)

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Car Share Parking

By decreasing the number of personal vehicles on the road, the UNA is working to decrease traffic congestion and increase the amount of available parking within the community.

Reserved priority parking for car-share vehicles is available within our neighbourhoods. Parking restrictions still apply to car share vehicles, so please ensure that all parking signage is followed. Parking at UBC is only allowed in Evo reserved locations and lots. If you park an Evo in non-reserved parking spots or lots, please make sure to pay for parking otherwise you may get a ticket or a tow.

Check out the app to view the locations and descriptions of parking spots around UBC below.