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We have a variety of rooms that are available for public bookings. The Wesbrook Community Centre is a modern space with rooms dedicated to accommodating meetings, small gatherings, large social events, and indoor sports. For a central campus location, the Old Barn Community Centre offers a highly flexible social space within the Hawthorn Place neighbourhood. Our event rental spaces include both large and small meeting rooms. Each room comes with state-of-the-art audio/visual equipment, free Wi-Fi, and catering options. Find out more about what we can do for your organization.

Outdoor sports fields are also available for bookings including the UNA Community Field, an artificial turf field located behind University Hill Secondary School off of East Mall; and Collings Field at Nobel Park, a newly renovated grass softball field located in Wesbrook Village at the corner of Wesbrook Mall and Ross Drive.

Birthday Parties

The UNA offers exciting birthday party packages and activities that will make any birthday one to remember. Organize the best birthday ever with our Party Leader who will work with you to pick a theme, decorate the room, lead activities and help with clean-up.

Birthday Parties

Spaces to Book

Rentals & Bookings FAQ

Find out more details about our bookings process by taking a look at the Frequently Asked Questions below. If you have any other questions, or would like to make a booking request, please email

  • How much does it cost?

    Prices for rooms are dependent on size, capacity, and utilities provided.


    • Social Room: $80/hr ($550/8hrs)
    • Multi-Purpose Room: $80/hr ($500/8hrs)
    • Art Room:$60/hr ($400/8hrs)
    • Boardroom: $60/hr ($400/8hrs)
    • Dance Studio: $60/hr ($400/8hrs)
    • Studio A: $25/hr ($150/8hrs)
    • Studio B: $25/hr ($150/8hrs)
    • Gymnasium: $100/hr ($600/8hrs)
    • Half Gymnasium: $80/hr ($500/8hrs)
    • Childminding Room: $60/hr ($350/8hrs)


    • Meeting Room 1: $60/hr ($400/8hrs)
    • Meeting Room 2: $60/hr ($400/8hrs)\
    • Meeting Rooms 1 & 2: $100/hr ($600/8hrs)


    • Public Fee: $60/hr
    • Public Youth Fee: $35/hr
    • Resident Discount: $30/hr


    • Public Fee: $103/hr
    • Public Youth Fee: $75/hr
    • Resident Discount: $50/hr
  • How is room scheduling prioritized each season, and who can use the space?

    Our main priority is for programs, followed by on-off meetings, workshops, resident birthday parties, etc. Our aim is to use the community centre in ways that benefit our UNA residents and local community by enabling a wide range of activities.

    Please note, for-profit businesses that offer programs similar to our current and potential program offerings are not permitted. If you are a business or individual that has an idea for running a program in our facilities, please fill out our program proposal form.

  • Can I look at the space in person?

    Yes, depending on current facility usage and staff availability. Our team may review the Resource Scheduler for ideal times to visit an unoccupied room.

  • How can I check the availability of the space?

    Availability can be checked in person at the community centres, or over the phone 604-822-4227. This information is subject to change, if someone has already requested the use of the space.

  • Are tables/chairs/AV included?
    • Most rooms are equipped with audio and basic VGA/HDMI projection systems. We can provide tables and chairs provided there is availability of equipment in the centres between other programs and facility reservations.
    • User groups may rent tables, chairs, and other event equipment from a third party. The delivery and setup times for these arrangements must be included in the total booking of the space.
    • Tables and chairs are not included with field rentals, but there is seating for spectators. Tents, tables and chairs can be set up around the perimeter of the field, but must be kept off the playing surface.
  • How far in advance do I have to book?

    Requests must be made at least a week in advance. However, this is no guarantee that the dates will be available and you should have a few other alternatives dates ready.

  • Do you offer catering?

    We can provide a few on-site options:

    Coffee ($20/10 people), Tea ($20/10 people), and Cold Water ($15/10 people).

    Users are welcome to coordinate with an outside caterer of their choice. The delivery and setup times for these arrangements must be included in the total booking of the space.

  • What is your cancellation/refund policy?

    UNA Cancellation Policy

    The UNA reserves the right to cancel bookings at any time and for any reason at its own discretion, including emergencies. In the event of the UNA cancelling a booking, the user agrees that it will not sue the UNA for any costs or damages incurred by the user for the cancelled booking.

    • In the event of the UNA cancelling a booking before the start date of the booking, a full refund will be processed.
    • In the event of the UNA cancelling a booking after the start date of a recurring booking, a prorated refund will be processed.

    Cancellation Notices

    All cancellation notices from the user must be provided in writing to the University Neighbourhoods Association.

    • Notice received more than 10 business days from the date of event, a 90% refund will be processed. The remaining 10% will be withheld as an administrative cancellation fee.
    • No refund will be processed less than 10 business days from the date of the event.

    Fields Cancellation Policy

    We have recently updated our cancellation policy. All cancellation requests must be received in writing 30 days prior to the booking that is to be cancelled. If less than 30 days’ notice is provided, the renter will pay the rent in full. On contracts where there are weekly bookings throughout a season, cancellation notice must be received in writing 30 days prior to the booking that is to be cancelled.

  • Can I book an event assistant?

    Yes, subject to availability and $30/hour extra.

  • Do I have to set up?

    Yes. Book the room to include any necessary time to setup for your event. We can have some arrangement of tables and chairs prepared before your arrival, but it is ultimately your responsibility to have it displayed as necessary. Access to booked space before the start of your booking cannot be accommodated (includes field space)

  • What about insurance?


    • All users must obtain “…general comprehensive liability insurance in a minimum amount of $2,000,000.00 inclusive per occurrence (with the exception of UBC and Vancouver School Board users, who must obtain a minimum $5,000,000.00 per occurrence).
      • The UNA is not responsible for any action or incident that occurs on these premises. It is the facility renter’s responsibility to ensure that all attendees of their event are covered in the event of an injury or emergency.
    • The insurance can be purchased through a user’s own private insurance, or with The coverage must name the University Neighbourhoods Association as the event space owner.
  • How do I pay for my booking permit in person?

    Please visit Wesbrook Community Centre at 3335 webber lane.

    Please note that despite contracts listing our administrative office as the contact point for your permit, the payment must be processed at the Wesbrook Community Centre.

  • Are the fields ever closed due to poor weather?
    • The fields may be closed due to poor weather. If they are closed, you will be contacted by noon on the same day of your booking and a refund for the booking will be processed.
    • The artificial turf Community Field will only be closed if snowy and icy conditions make it unsafe for play. It will remain open at all other times. Nobel field (grass playing surface) may be closed due to heavy rainfall.
    • If you choose to cancel your session due to poor weather but you have not been notified that the field is closed, you will not receive a refund for this time.
  • Is any equipment included in the field rental?
    • At the Community Field, your rental includes the use of 2 full-size soccer nets and 4 junior-sized soccer nets. No other sports equipment is provided.
    • There is no field/sport equipment provided at Nobel Park.
  • Who do I contact if I have any issues on the field?

    If you have any questions or concerns while you are using the fields, you can find assistance at the front desk of Wesbrook Community Centre at 604-822-4227.

  • How do the Deposits & Fees work?

    A 50% deposit of the total rental cost (before tax) is required on the waiver “Due Date” or upon receipt of the signed waiver. Your room rental reservation is not confirmed until the UNA receives your deposit.