Introduction to the UNA Account

Your UNA Account is used to access various UNA services and manage your profile information. Anyone can create a UNA Account to register for our programs and events; however, some services such as UNA Cards, UNA Membership and UNA Parking Permits are exclusive to residents of UNA designated neighbourhoods and buildings.

Create an Account (Step-by-step)

  • Go to
  • Select the “Create a new account” button
  • Enter your information into the provided fields.

Account Details

Learn more about your UNA Account.

  • UNA Profile
    Find your profile details, contact information, activity schedule and transaction history. You can also add and manage your family members profile details. Log In
  • UNA Application/Renewal Process
    Apply for (or renew) your UNA Card or UNA Membership. Additionally, by verifying your address in this process, you will receive resident discounts for UNA programs and fitness centres. Learn More
  • Programs
    Find all currently available UNA programs and events. You can also visit to explore our programs and find additional information about recreation policies. Learn More
  • Parking Permit Application Process
    Apply for (or renew) your UNA Parking Permits. Visit for more information about the parking permits application process, document requirements and pricing. Learn More
  • Fitness Centre Access
    Due to COVID-19, users are required to book a time slot for working out at UNA Fitness Centres. To book a time slot, please log in to your UNA Account. Log In
  • Fitness Centre Passes
    This is where you can find all currently available fitness centre pass options. Visit for more information about our fitness facilities. Learn More

If you are a UNA resident, a UNA Card will provide you with various benefits for many UBC facilities, local business and the Vancouver Public Libraries. The physical UNA Card is optional and not required to access UNA services.

The UNA Card can be used at the following locations:

  • UBC Aquatic Centre
  • UBC Botanical Gardens
  • UBC Libraries
  • UBC Museum of Anthropology
  • Vancouver Public Library

Add/Renew UNA Card (Step-by-step)

  • Log in to your UNA Account
  • Complete the UNA Application/Renewal Process
  • Select UNA Card from the options provided
  • You will receive an email confirmation when your new UNA Card is ready to be picked up from the Wesbrook Community Centre.

Becoming a UNA Member is a unique opportunity to engage with your community and have your voice heard. A UNA Membership entitles you to participate in:

  • UNA Board of Directors Elections
  • UNA Annual General Meetings
  • UNA Special General Meetings

Add Membership (Step-by-step)

  • Log in to your UNA Account
  • Complete the UNA Application/Renewal process
  • You will receive an email confirmation when a UNA Membership has been applied to your profile.

If you need help with your account, our support staff are here to assist you. Contact support by sending an email to or use the support widget at the bottom right corner of the webpage.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I know if I am entitled to UNA benefits?

    You are entitled to UNA benefits if you live within one of the designated neighbourhoods or buildings. If you are not sure about if your home is within one of the designated neighbourhoods, our support staff can assist you by checking your address in our system.

    • Neighbourhoods
      • Wesbrook Place
      • Hampton Place
      • Hawthorn Place
      • East Campus
      • Chancellor Place
    • Buildings
      • Central Building
      • Focal Building
  • What if I don’t live in a UNA-designated neighbourhood?

    If you do not live in a designated neighbourhood, you can still use our facilities and participate in UNA recreational programs. Registration for our programs and events can be completed online through your UNA Account and do not require a physical card for entry. Some services such as Fitness Centre Passes may require a physical Guest Card (for non-residents) for verification, which we can provide for you during your first visit.